Thursday, 10 December 2015

Red Surfer Riding - Reading Task

For week 9 in Literacy we have been reading a Book called Red Surf Riding.
It is all about a Competition known as heats. It is all about Surfing.
This presentation tells you the main ideas in the story and some things
to do with surfing like the props you will need and more ...
Take a look !!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

A fitness Poem

For this week we have been writing poems about our daily tasks at school. I wrote about our fitness run everyday at 12:45 pm. I really enjoyed writing poems and hope you can try it too. Have fun !!

Huffing and puffing out the red gate
Image result for pe fitnessRunning to the reserve is what I hate
I push myself to try and try
But I always  wonder why ?

Why  we have to do this complex run
Most people don’t even think it’s fun.
I get halfway and thirst for a beverage
My friends help me by giving me Leverage

I finally make it back into the street
And I see the first runners ready to eat
In myself I felt a lot of pride
As I knew my unfitness habit just died.

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Excitement filled us as we made my way into the street. Team 5 were on their way to Sylvia Park Hoyts for the 8th Manaiakalani film festival !! Manaiakalani is a cluster of schools all using digital devices for learning, and the film festival is when all of the schools make unique movies and submit them to Mrs Burt (founder of Manaiakalani ) and then makes a decision of which movies will be selected on the Extreme screen during the evening.

We took one step on the bus and could already feel the excitement rushing through our bodies. we sat down in the second row. “All seats are filled” shouted Miss Clark. The engine of the bus rumbled and its sound reminded us of a stomach grumbling. Talking was the main thing that was being done on the bus. Jalen and Zane started singing wheels on the bus trying to get everyone started up but Miss Clark asked if they could be quiet they looked very embarrassed . We felt that it was the moment to blast out our laughter at them but as good friends we tried our best to hold on.

10 minutes passed by and we finally arrived at Sylvia Park. We were eager to go and sit on the seats hoping that we get the best seats in the house.  The time had come for us to get off the bus and start moving to the cinema. We stepped one foot into the screening room craving for popcorn but we knew we weren’t allowed. We proceed to find out sadly we didn’t have the greatest seats but were still satisfied with our seats.

Silent filled the room as the 8th Manaiakalani started. Laughter, smiles and drama were filling everyone in the cinemas. 1 hour flew by and the Manaiakalani film festival ended. Stretching our arms we walked outside. Waiting for the bus we played games and talked about our favourite movies. The buses arrived and we made our way back to school. The 8th Manaiakalani film fest done !  

Talking Points

Our week 7 reading task is to justify our opinions with a reason. Me and Rave
have been working through this presantation and finding answers and adding more
details to make our readers understand. Take a look at our awesome work !!

The Secret Underground

This is a presantation which tells us about animals or insects the lives underground.
We chose to investigate more about Weta's and see beyond their habitats. I found
out a lot so take a look !

The Seeing Hawk

For our week 6 reading task we have been looking at a book called the seeing
hawk. It is a story all about a Grandpa and his Grandson. That's all the details
I can tell you so take a look at the presantation and dig in. Hope you enjoy !

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Writing Test


“Hurray” I shouted in my head as Miss Clark called out my group. I just had been put in the same group as my friends.  We had been put into groups of 5 or 6 for the Amazing Race. The Amazing Race was a treat from our teachers to say Thank You for your hard effort this year. I quickly put on my P.E shirt with excitement just like the excitement I had when I see my cousins from overseas.

My friends and I make our way together into the street ready for the challenges ahead. Butterflies in my tummy made me feel anxious about what we were going to do. But I knew that working with my friends would be easier, faster and exciting! We got handed a brown coloured paper with all the stations of activities we were about to face. Each station has a limited time. We all get 10 minutes on 4 stations.

First off was the pea pipes. This game is played with straws, peas and of course our breath. We have to suck the pea on the straw just like sucking on a soft drink and quickly run to the other side and drop it in the white plastic bowl carefully. “ 3 2 1 go !” Miss Hockly shouts with joy. Quinlan was first to take on this Pea pipes challenge for our group. She walks as fast as she can to the white plastic bowl. But when she made it halfway our bowl tips over by the harsh breeze of air. I was frustrated. The look on my face was as ferocious as a lion. I couldn't stand losing, we just could not lose. I try and keep my frustration inside of me. But thanks to my friends the just keep on encouraging Quinlan . That's when I realised that something better than winning is having your friends by your side.

We continue on with the complex challenge as a group and this time I looked at the challenge differently. I looked at it as a way to enjoy myself and bonding time with my friends. As we knew it time flew by and the challenge was over. We had won the challenge !! We jump up and down like a kangaroo pouncing on the spot.  

We walked over to our next station knowing that if we have fun and work as a group it would make things easier and less complicated. “Uh oh this looks disgusting” I exclaimed to Khaia. We walked into the area that was located  for the Fear Factor station.This couldn't be easy. My group of friends and I see 4 big plastic bowls filled with all sorts of food. We hoped and prayed that we didn't have to eat it. We has a closer look inside and I noticed spaghetti. It gave me the thoughts of gross slimy worms.  Goosebumps started to appear on my hands. I could not see what was hiding under the layer of spaghetti but it quickly gave me memories of vomit. I wasn't able to look no more.

I sat down with a disgusted face and knew that I had my friends to go through this with me so everything was fine.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Immersion Assembly for Term 4


As I heard the bell ring, I rushed into the street with my shoes. It’s the beginning of a new term at school also the last for 2015. The two week holidays just ended. It was exciting to be back at school! I couldn’t wait to see what our teachers had planned for us this term!

After having all the notices out of the way we lined up in our G&B (Girl, boy lines) and made our way to the hall for our Immersion Assembly. For every start of a new term we have an Immersion Assembly on the first day of school to explain the new topic that we are learning about. This term we are learning all about how animals and humans survive. So the main word for this whole term is 'SURVIVOR'. We learnt a how animals and humans adapt to fit in the environment and communicate.

Each team had a performance to show what they will be learning about this term. Our very own principal had a performance to show. He created a video that told us that a very long time ago there was a Parrot called the Fia Poko Parrot. It became extinct because he thought he was the boss and annoyed everyone until everyone couldn’t take it and the called the Fia Poko Parrot exterminator to exterminate him. So he came along and caught the Fia Poko Parrot and cooked him for dinner. Later that evening they had the Fia Poko Parrot for dinner, that was the last of the Fia poko parrot and it became extinct. I found it very hilarious.

My favourite one out of all the teams was Team 4. They had created  a very funny movie. They had 5 people put in the blue screen area and filmed them. They put a video of animals as the background. The 5 people there couldn’t see what was behind them. The most funniest part of all is when you would see their facial expressions on their face when they would say watch out, don’t step over there. At the end they asked all 5 of them where they think they were. There answers were also hilarious. So in their video I could understand that this term they were going to be learning about the animals habitats and how they adapt to their surroundings to survive.

This term I am ready to learn as much as I can and adapt to my surroundings. I also can’t wait to find out new things and explore and learn about surviving and adapting. I am going to try new things and do the best I can to find as much information ! Let the term begin !!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber Smarts Reflection

 Today Miss Kyla gave us a quiz to play about being Cyber Smart. 
 There was 11 questions about being cyber smart for example it 
 gave us 4 options. Should we join that website or not. It was pretty
 tough decisions because it said that we shouldn't tell our account info
to our parents. Then after we had to right about our Cyber Smart reflection!
Take a look above !!! 

Fueling Extinction

This is a presantation showing you all about an on - line book I read about
fuelling extinction. It explains about palm oil plantations and that are in the
rain forest but there is also animals destroying them and they soon may be

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Being Cyber Smart with our Mobiles

Today Miss Kyla has been teaching us about being cyber smart on 
our mobile phones. We have learnt what is useful about a mobile phone
and what destructions it can cause.This is a Google drawing showing you how to be cyber 
smart and what you should do and not do if you see anything that leads to trouble.
Take a look !

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Preventing the Flu this winter

I n t r o d u c t i o n : During the year up to two hundred thousand people get the flu. This is a highly contagious viral infection  easily spread by touching public things like your home door knob and also using the public toilets. The following paragraph will explain to you about how to preventing getting the flu this winter.

One way to prevent getting the flu  is by wearing the right clothes, during the right season. For example we should be wearing warm clothes during winter so we don’t get sick. Trust me you wouldn’t see anyone wearing shorts and a singlet during winter, it’s way too cold!

Doctors believe that when we don’t wear the right clothes and it's freezing we start to shiver which suppresses your immune system and makes it more likely for you to catch the flu.

Another way to keep sickness away is to get the flu shot. The flu shot is when a little bit of the flu is injected in to you which helps your  body to fight it off and get use to it so you don’t catch the disease . This is one of the best ways of not getting the flu or passing it on to other people. You will be able to get the flu shot at your local doctors which is superb !

Finally the best option out of all is to eat right ! In the winter lots of us like to roast marshmallows and have a bucket of KFC but having that is not always the right option. We should drink plenty of water eat lots of food with vitamins like making Carrot soup. According to researchers carrot has most vitamins out of all vegetables.

So I recommend this winter that you stay warm eat well and live well !

Time word problems

Today in maths we learnt how to explain our work on-line on a presantation.
We were given questions to do with time and we had to explain our strategy on 
the presantation. Take a look !

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Miss Universe visit !

Yesterday the year 7 and 8’s had special visitors come to their block. They were the top 20 Miss Universe contests for New Zealand ! But only 16 could make it.

It was so exciting. They came to speak to us about Entrepreneurs and enterprise. They were so inspiring. One of the contestants even started her own Recycling Company to raise money for her charity. She also said that we have dreams that we can just sleep and imagine and there are the dreams that we have were we wake and chase the to become reality. Gabby (One of the contestants) is also a nurse. She has a passion for helping people so she joined to help raise money for charity and also to share her beauty.

After their speech they came to see how we work . Four ladies came to our class. It was Hannah, Monique , Olivia and Sharne. In my group we had me, Khaia, Quinlan , Brandon and Hannah ! She was so amazing !!

She told us about how Miss Universe works and some of the questions they answer. My favorite moment with her was when she told us that if she could be any animal in the world she would be a Kangaroo because she sees her life just as a kangaroo moves because it can only  move forward and not move back . We had a great time together. And the next day the will be heading for Manila in the Philippines I hope Hannah wins the Pageant competition !!  

Monday, 31 August 2015

Bang on time !

This is a time game helping to increase our skills in telling the time.
We were given a time and the hands of the clock move and we have
to stop it at that exact time. It helped me alot and my score is 8750 !

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spend, Share & Save

This presantation is all about how to spend share and save money. Another word
is how to be financially responsible. My favourite slide was the second slide which
said to list ten things we can save for. I enjoyed it because it gives me Ideas in what 
I could save for. Take a look to see what and how you can spend and save your money. 
Hope you enjoy !! 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Reading Task

This is a presantation all about getting your first pay. Its filled with Inferencing
questions and also some traditions. What is really awesome is the story is even
set in G.I (Glen Innes ) Take a look !

Friday, 14 August 2015

Attitude Talk

On Wednesday the 12th of August we had the second part to our Attitude Talks. A man named Dan came to talk to us about friendships and ways to make friends. He  taught us that it's not about the Quantity of friendships but about the Quality you have with your friends. Another way to say it is it doesn't matter how many friends you have but what matters is the friends that cares about you. He taught us lots of valuable lessons. He also taught us how to be ourself and not to pretend to fit in and about backstabbing and gossiping. The one thing that caught my attention throughout the whole presentation was when he said the Girls and Guys make friendships different ways. It made me feel very comfortable and not having to change the way I make friends !  

Thursday, 13 August 2015

My 200th Blog Post !!

Today I have finally made my 200th Blog post ! It is very exciting ! I am so happy I can share 200 blog posts about my learning with the world. !

Number of the Week !

This is a presentation about Maths. We were given a random number from a random
number website and fill in questions about that number. Take a look !

Monday, 10 August 2015

Trade & Enterpri$e presantation

This term I have been adding slides about my Trade and Enterpri$e learning.
It shows ways of how to be financially responsible ! Take a look

Writing about Money

By Marilyn

One of the most common things used in this world is money. People say you can’t live without money. I agree with it. I acquire money. In this explanation I will be writing about how I acquire money and how I spend it.

When I get money I  spend it and sometimes save it. I receive 5 dollars when doing the chores or just from the out of the ordinary. My parents have to work for money. In this world there are over 7.2 billion jobs for example being a teacher , plumber or a newspaper runner. So when  you work you earn money !

Money for me is sometimes hard to save. I always get tempted to spend it. Then I spend it and then when I look at the thing that I was suppose to save up for I think to myself “I should've saved up !” . In this world it is so simple to spend it. All you have to do is find the closest store and spend ! In a second your money is all gone !

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Smart footprint T3W2

Today we are learning about how to be smart online. We learnt about what information 
we keep private and public. This is an info graphic that Nikita and I have created to show
what is to be kept private and also the public things you can share. Remember think before you post !

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Shopping at the Nike Store

Today in maths we learnt how to find a percentage of a number and also to simplify the answer.
Take a look to see what I have learnt !!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 3 !

Every year at Pt England School when a new term starts we have an Immersion Assembly. Every Team shows a clip or act out what they will be learning this term ! This terms topic is based on Trade & Enterpri$e. All based on ways to spend money or how to save money.

Team one will be learning about how to earn money so they will be doing jobs to earn money and buying things to open a store in their classroon $$ !! They also used the markets as an example because you see lots of people spending money on food. clothes, home appliances and more ...

Team two will be learning the most common Ice cream flavours for example if their were 15 kids and only 11 kids liked cookies and cream and 4 kids liked caramel the company should focus on spending more money on making the common flavour instead of wasting money on flavours that is not usually bought by people.

Team three is learning about making good courier choices. They had a few people up on stage and asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up. They are learning to look for the company who pays more and the company who dosen't.

Team four is learning about the emotions you get when you are given money. So emotions you get is that you should find the person who lost their money or keep it or spend it ??

Last but not least team 5 is learning how to be financially responsible. How to be money wise and to also save or spend on the things we need instead of want. So we are leaning about Quality vs quantity.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Poem for Anzac Soldiers

The soldiers were training and practising for war

They left their homes to serve our country and more.

It lasted over 4 years 16 million died
world war 1 and world war 2 are the reason people cry.

Many families cried for more than 8 hours for they lost their most precious one who was so joyful  as flowers

. Children lost their dads they most certainly weren't glad

for there was no one to buy them sweets or

the opportunity to be together and hear the birds tweet

children and families now grew up really tight but they are still missing their father the touching piece of their life
There life puzzle will still  be missing that lost piece but they are ready to move on and start their own family

At the morning sunrise to the end of the sunset lest we forget.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Volume Word Problems

Miss Peato gave us volume of a shape word problems. Take a look to see
how I figured it out.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Volume of a shape

Today in Maths Class we are learning about the volume of a shape and how we
know what it is. I learnt that to get the volume you have to times the length, width and height.
Take a look and see how you get the volume of a shape !

Pourquoi story

Pourquoi Stories
WALT read and notice structure and language features of a pourquoi story.

GROUP TWO - Sarah, Marilyn, Kahui, Sohel, Josh, Paige

Why Owls Stare ?

There once were 2 friends named Owl and Pigeon. They used to sit on a tree and watch the sunrise together. They would talk about who could fly faster or who was better at something. Day after day they did the same thing, but Owl wanted to talk about something else. One day he said “There are more Owls than Pigeons” “NO there are more Pigeons than Owls” Pigeon replied. They argued for a long time until they had an agreement that all Pigeons and Owls would meet at the Big Woods and they would count who had more.  Pigeon said that he will need a week. After a week the owls got to the big forest first before the pigeons  to gather all the pigeons because he thought that he had more pigeons than owls. The Owl said “ So I will need two weeks to get all my Owls.” They decided that they will meet in  one week, one hour after sunrise in the Big Woods. If birds come any later than an hour after sunrise they will not be counted. they both agreed and flew off gathering their birds.

A week later, the Owls were in the Big woods taking up all the space in the trees just when the sun was rising.  They laughed so hard because that they knew that the pigeons were still sleeping. They settled down and waited for the pigeons. Owl was so sure that they had more than pigeons. Then they heard a swooshing sound coming from above. The Owls looked up and saw  grey clouds and they noticed that the grey cloud was the pigeons wings. Many pigeons swooped down and covered the sky.  When the pigeons landed in the tree the owls were forced to move over because the pigeons took all the space. Pigeons landed and branches broke because there were too many pigeons on them. When the pigeons landed the owls couldn’t believe their eyes nor their ears. More and more pigeons swooped into the Bog Woods and the time was still ticking down.  Some Owls even felt nervous. They were way too crowded by pigeons. A few at a time, Owls took off, dodging the pigeons still sweeping in. The Owls bolted into the sky, there staring eyes opened wider because of the wind that was rushing past. Owl didn’t bother to count he knew that PIgeons had one fair and square. Pigeons celebrated by cooing and calling in the Big Woods. Since then, owls have always traveled at night when pigeons are asleep. They stare at everything around them, watching out for pigeons.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Tinkering tools & Toys Presantation

This is a presantation me and Lucy created for Tinkering tools and toys. We wanted to make a bench and came up with loads of designs. Take a look to see our final design !!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Future Aspirations

Last week on Wednesday the 20th of May 3 very special people came to our school.  Their names are Marcus Winter, Louis Gorden Latty and Andrew Patterson.

Andrew Patterson : Andrew Patterson is a very nice man. He is well known as the people Collector. Most people collect toys or action figures but he collects people. He also loves to collect quotes. He taught us about struggling. Not many people talk about struggle. He told us about strruggling that if we struggle that our brain grows and also helps us.

Marcus Winter : Marcus is a gentle and kind man. He loves to share and talk about his work. He said that he first started in front of Burger King ! He does Sand Art. He is a very talented man and also taught us a little dance to Up town funk. It was very fun and put smiles on our face. He started off into the streets and now he is working in one of the biggest boats I have ever seen ! He is a very inspiring man and we learnt lots from him.

Louis Gordon - Latty : Louis is a man with creative ideas. He is so creative that he made his own app called Glory League. The programme films you playing basketball so you don't miss all your favourite moments and it becomes your to cherish. You can also send it to the other players so they can see there fantastic moments. I think it is an awesome idea ! Here is a link check it out ! Glory league !!

Future thinkers

This is a presantation about a journal named future thinkers. Its a group of kids planning
for the future. Take a look to see what I have done !

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

1 dollar Mansion Article

A historic mansion for just a dollar !

A Historic Mansion selling for a dollar ?!  Well It's true ! But don’t get all excited there is a catch... it may be haunted  In the 1860’s the house was built by a man named Samuel Ouerbacker. The historic mansion was built in a well known place with a population of 4.018 million , Louisville Kentucky.

A lot of people admired that house when it was first built for its glorious but odd shape  . But as years came by Mr Ouerbacker sadly passed away in 1922.
After the death it was then turned into a office for the local tax business until it was taken over by the city in 2005 because of the company didn't take the effort to pay their own taxes.

The Mansion was bought by an Architect Scott Kremer. His plans was to restore and rebuild the Mansion back into it’s Beauty. But sadly it didn't happen because it was too much work. So he gave the house back to the city. More people passed by and looked at it with different eyes than before when it was just built.

People in the neighbourhood would swear that is was Haunted ! Because across the Mansion was a cemetery and also run down . No one would dare to go inside.

The abandonment  of the Historic mansion  happened for years until they decided to put it up for auction. The highest amount was a dollar. That’s how it got its price. The hopes were that someone who truly cared for it and put their money and effort into putting the place back together.

Luckily It was purchased by the Design Company, Oracle Design. They were happy enough to restore it back into its beauty. But nothing has been confirmed yet of what they are going to do.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

What technology means to me

This is a presantation of what technology means to me and also some facts. Take a look
to learn more !

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Anzac Vs Gingernuts

In zeal zone Mrs Tele'a taught us the difference between Anzac Biscuits and Ginger Nuts. Did you know that Anzac Biscuits were not the actual biscuits sent to the soldiers during WW1 and WW2 (world war 1 and world war 2 ) It was made during the time of war. The biscuits that were sent to the soldiers were Ginger Nuts and Tack. Check out the presantation to know more about it and the recipe to making it ! Hope you enjoy !

Smart Value

Today Miss Kyla came to Room 5 and taught us about being Smart On-line. She taught us about the 3 p's(Partnership, Participation and Protection)  and how we can apply them on-line. Hopefully you can learn from this and be Smart on-line as well ! .

Friday, 22 May 2015

Zeal Zone WW1

Today in our zeal zone group we are making a presantation about equipment that
were used in WW1 (World War 1 ). I learnt about how they used them and heaps more !
If you want to now what I have learnt take a look ! 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Being Cyber smart !

Today Miss Kyla came to Class 5 and taught us about being cyber smart. Here is a google drawing about what I learnt !

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Measurement - Week 5

WALT: Convert units of measurement.
In class I was learning about measurement. I learnt things I never knew like there is a such thing called Millilitres.I hope you can learn from this too.

The Children's War

This is my Reading task for this week. It is about WW1 (World war 1 ) and about
what happened to children when war happened. Read this Presentation to find out
more !!

Technology In World War 1

Image result for the dreadnought boat

This Afternoon Mr Burt told us a little story about Technology in WW1 (world war 1 ). The main question was : Is technology Good or Bad ? He told us about his Grandfather. He lived in England. He told us about how war began. It began between cousins. Queen Victoria had cousins who had high positions in other country and they wanted to start a war. But they began by building weapons which is also known as Arms race. For example if one country built a tank truck the other side will try and build something stronger or bigger. They spent heaps of money and it went on and on until they realised they had built too much and had to use or it's too late. So they started a war between each other and used all their weapons and we all know it didn't turn out well. So we all know the answer to our problems is not war it's talking it out and working together to figure out our problems.
Image result for tank trucks ww1Image result for airplanes ww1
Image result for cannons ww1