Thursday, 28 November 2013

What makes a successful Problem Solver

Here is what Mr Somerville but on the Maths site. Read it and see how you can be a  successful Problem Solver !

Monday, 18 November 2013

The short Animation of how New Zealand was Made

This is a short animation that me and Josephine did together. I wrote the script and she recorded it. I hope you really enjoy.  Please leave some feedback about me and Josephine's work !!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Year 6 Camp !!!

Next week the year 6 campers will be heading for Kawau Island.
 Here is some pictures of Kawau Island !!!

Here is the beautiful Kawau Island 
Here I come Kawau Island !!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Farewell Peter Fatialofa.

I would like to say sorry for your lost to Peter Fatialofa family. It is very sad to lose someone you very love. He was an outstanding rugby player for his culture and I know that it would make a lot of samoans feel good to be a Samoan just like me. I wish you all the best to his family and to him as well. Manuia lou Malaga   Peter Fatialofa. I know that you will have an awesome time in heaven and your family and all your fans will be very sad to lose you . THANKS FOR BEING AN  AWESOME RUGBY PLAYER AND MAKING SAMOAN PEOPLE BEING PROUD OF THEIR CULTURE JUST LIKE I AM !
R.I.P Mr Fatialofa

Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Test

The sun has risen up into the sky and the birds are singing gracefully in the trees. It is a lovely morning for a little boy name James. He is only 7 years old and loves to help his father Murray who is a farmer. He could only help his father in the weekends and Holidays  because he had to go school. Sadly his mother would take him to school but his mother had died yesterday because of Cancer. So he strolled along the path reminding himself of him and his mother walking together. While walking farmer Murray was busily harvesting his crops until he saw a car. It was his brother Banter.

They loved chatting together for hours and hours. Today they would've made a world record by chatting from 9:00 to 3:00 but the world record time was 9:00 to 3:01 they could at least talk for another 2 minutes. So now James is home and saw nobody at the farm because his uncle Banter has parked his car at the back where James wasn't allowed to go. So then he heard a shh. It was coming from the kitchen.

It was the voice of Uncle Banter but he didn't know so then uncle Banter said “ I would love chicken eggs for dinner if I stole  7  eggs” But James took it the wrong way he thought there was a stranger trying to make friends with his father so he could steal eggs but it was only uncle Banter reading what happened on the newspaper. Uh oh. If only James went inside the kitchen he would have seen what really happened.

James was now a problem to his father by annoying him for the rest of the day by saying “Dad I heard someone say that they are going to steal seven eggs from our farm” over and over again. So his father said “OK James go to bed and I will solve it out” But he only said that to get rid of James and he did. So now he could do his job without annoying noises.

James knew his father wouldn't do anything about it so he decided he would do it and solve the mystery. He felt like a crime solver and a superhero who is going to save the day. So he got his rest and woke up in the morning and it turned out to be having a few showers. He saw a car come and it was his uncle Banter he would visit on Fridays and the weekends. He was glad to see his uncle.

So mostly he was a fan of reading newspapers and when he read it he felt like he heard the same voice from yesterday so he asked his uncle and said “uncle were you here yesterday ?” Uncle replied “Yes I was I was in the kitchen reading the newspaper someone had stolen 7 eggs for the supermarket. “O it was you how said  “I would love chicken eggs for dinner if I stole  7  eggs”. Sorry I thougt you were a stranger trying to make friends with my father so you could steal 7 eggs. By the time he said sorry his father came back with a box of vanilla Ice cream and James explained everything that happened and enjoyed the Ice cream.