Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My letter to Allahs Great Grandpa

To Allahs great Grandpa here are my questions to you :
  1. What did you eat during the war ?
  2. What did you feel when you see someone die in front of your face ?
  3. How did you feel when you killed someone ?
  4. When you were ready to kill someone what was going through your mind ?
  5. What was your reaction when you thought about your family ?
  6. How long did you sleep ?
  7. What is the hardest thing to do during the war ?
  8. Why did you join the war ?
  9. Did you regret you decision when you first saw someone get killed ?

Friday, 24 April 2015

World War One Project

This is our project for our Zeal zone group. We are learning about World war 1. The
date we are learning about is 1915 May the 5th. Read our project to find out what happens on that
day !

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A freezing cold morning !

Waking up and the blankets are on the floor. I start to shiver. I get up and look outside the window and all I see is fog covering the window. I knew that I had to stay in bed. So I quickly went back into bed and grabbed my blankets. I shivered under my blanket. I was curious if anyone was awake so I got out of bed again. I look at the clock and it's only 6:54 am. No one else was awake and Dad was gone work. I go into my sister's room where she is sleeping with my cousin Helena. They both have four blankets each. I went in the lounge where my Mum and little sister is. They both have a mountain of blankets on top of them.

I go into the kitchen and make me a nice warm Milo. I love Milo on a cold morning. I get dressed and put warm clothes on.  I must say it is 10 degrees so keep warm and I will tell you more about my other mornings soon :)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The most dramatic cricket game ever !

As I watched closely my heart was beating fast as I watched the Black Caps play. They beat South Africa in the quarter finals. It was so intense because it was the first time ever in Cricket history that New Zealand made it into the Finals. Everyone quickly booked tickets to their show and it became big news in New Zealand. People wore black at work places and schools. Some put flags on their car and also they use the #Backtheblackcaps hashtag. There were so many ways to support the Black Caps.

They played Australia in the final and this was the most important game ever. The main question was, "Is New Zealand going to bring home the Cricket world cup trophy?"  When watching the game the whole stadium was full. It was held in Melbourne, Australia. I watched very closely as the Australian person under armed the ball to the Black Caps. They hit the ball and the crowd went wild !

After a very long time of Batting the New Zealand got a total score of 185 runs. Could Australia beat the score. Hopefully not. Watching closely as Australia played I hoped that the go really bad so New Zealand can win. But by Half time I didn’t as much confident I had. It was so close. Still hoping that Australia went bad. But when It was the last minute I hoped that the person from the Australian team missed the ball and New Zealand would win but hard luck Australia hit the ball and won the game. Thinking how would New Zealand react to this loss ? Would they hate the Black Caps ? Would they still be happy ? I don’t know.

But as most people say New Zealand has a kind heart and was still happy no matter what happens :D You should be happy too :D

Let the Holiday begin !

Today this is the beginning of the Easter Holiday for children at Pt England School except for the teachers !! They have teacher only day. I am very excited. I know in my holiday that there will be a lot sleeping and watching tv in my Holiday but then I decided to add blogging to my Holiday ! Why not tell people about my holiday ! Its going to be an adventitious journey.

Day 1 :
Waking up at the time of 8:00 a.m I get and try to find my older sister she dissapered but then I remembered every holiday morning she is always watching tv. I quickly rush to the lounge and find her lying down on the couch watching tv. I said to her “Why are you up at this time you never wake up at 8:00 am ?” She said that she wakes up at this time for camp because she came home yesterday from Marsden Bay Christian camp. It was for all the year 8 students at Pt England School. I sit down comfortably in my warm fuzzy blue blanket.

I watch tv with her for about 10 minutes and then I decided to go for a shower. For a nice beginning to the day. When I finished having a shower I then get dressed into nice clothes for the day. I then see my little sister awake and she is on the computer. I look back at my older sister and she is fast asleep what a weird beggining to there day  ! I then sit down and write to you all about the beggining of my day. There is more to come !