Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country.

On Thursday 22 of August Pt England school had cross country. Cross Country is where you run around the field and see who comes first. It’s a race. First up was the 5 year old boys. They went around the school field and around half of the reserve. It is so tiring and long. It was very sunny and I was bored waiting for my turn. My group was the third to last group to run. My group was the Nine year old girls Because we go by ages and our genders. Everyone was so bored but we were still a little energetic to cheer. We had house colours like Green was Mataatua, Yellow was Takitimu, Blue was Tainui and last of all Red was Te Aroha. I was in Mataatua Green.

Mr Burt was telling the little boys were to run and how to start. He said “On your marks get set GO !!!” The school started cheering for their house colours and the crowd went wild and my knees were hurting because of the courts. I was cheering so loud. I was nervous and scared and I just wanted it to be over with. My Dad always told me to Jog in the first bit and then sprint.

After 9 races it was finally the nine year old girls turn was up. I looked on the field it was full of mud. It looked like I was going to run and have fun. Mr Burt started off by saying “ On your marks get set GO !! Again the crowd went wild and I was sprinting my hardest I was so nervous that I forgot to jog first. There was this Girl who was coming fist because she came first last year in 2012. She was in Te Aroha red. I wasn't very happy with that so I sprinted as fast as I could but I still couldn't beat her she was very hard to beat. So I started to jog even though I wasn't half way. We had to go around the school field, through the past the boys who were showing the way and around the whole massive reserve.

Round we went through the muddy puddles that was actually fun. There were massive puddles of water. I wish I could go through them but I couldn’t. I ran with my friend Antonia. She would mostly come first or second. But she told me she wasn't going to come first this year. So we went past Mr Barks encouraging us in a funny way. We sprinted past him through the playground and in the finish line. I was so glad it was over. “Yay” I cheered. I enjoyed my run and then it was time for the 10 year old boys and girls. It was very fun.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Learning who are friends with Harold.

Who stands up for you.      Bullies you
Who cares for you.           Doesn't care if you are sad 
Supports you in everything. Have bad feelings for you 
Cheers you up.                  Always Judge the way you look
They have manners


Thanks Harold for the encouraging message .

Meeting famous chefs at sky city !!!!

On Friday I was super excited to be meeting Paul Jobin. We were going to be cooking with him. Me and my sister Glennes. We were full of joy. When me and my sister finally reached sky city we ran to his restaurant and saw that it looked very stylishly and very fabulous. Before we started cooking we had to be videoed on a very flash camera. It felt like we were going to be on TV. We had to say what was our mane ,who were we going to meet. It was very fun. So it was time to meet Paul Jobin. Aah it was very scary and my mood changed to nervous instead of excited. When i started meeting him my good mood was coming back.

First I had to be mixing spices which smell very weird. While I was doing that Glennes had to roll mashed potatoes. It was very scary while i was getting film for one hour. My legs were going to brake for standing so long. Soon as we finished mixing up the spices and the mash potatoes we cooked the duck.

When cooking the duck I added the spices and it was grizzling. It takes about 12 minutes to cook the duck. While the camera man was filming he was trying to get a close the duck went on fire and he was shocked and everyone were laughing.

Ducks were cooked and our plates we shining as new we started to plate up. First we added the ducks which were placed in the middle adding the mash potatoes it went around the sides of the plated. When that was completed we judged the looks of our plates. Paul said Glennes's plate is just a mess and my one is an olden day style.

As most cooking show finish plating they have a taste. The first thing I tasted was the duck of course. It tasted burnt a little because it was on fire next to the camera man. It was fabulous.

THANKS PAUL JOBIN FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE !!!! Also Thanks Cathy for taking the Photos .

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hansel and Gretel.

Title: Hansel and Gretel

Once upon a time there was a mother and father who had two children named Hansel and Gretel. There mother was not a kind to them at all times and send
them to the forest to starve to death. Walking in the forest they found a very delicious looking house made out of sweets. Inside was a kind old lady that let them in for delicious blueberry pie. They became very fat and when they went to see the old lady she had turned into a witch and tossed Hansel into a very uncomfortable cage and locked him up. While Gretel was helping the witch preparing the oven for her dinner which she knew was going to be them.
When Gretel was preparing the oven she chucked the witch into the oven and the witch was never seen again. They ate until there tummy were big and fat went all the way home .

The morale of the story is DO NOT GO INTO STRANGE LOOKING HOUSES EVEN IF IT IS MADE OUT OF CANDY and do not judge a book by its cover. You never know if its a trap and the person that let you in is not what you think.

The moral relates in my life by to - Everything is not what it seems it may look sweet but it is sour in the inside.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

At the Movies !!!

Here is photo's of the movie I watched. It was Despicable me 2 !!!! that was the funniest movie ever because of these characters :)

Me and Alizhay !!!

 Here is three photo's  with me and Alizhay having fun while waiting for Miss Ouano .

Retelling the wolf in sheep's clothing

Once upon a time on a cold hillside there was a shepherd who cared a lot for his flock of sheep and loved to feed them a lot. One day there was a very bad and evil wolf who loved to eat sheep for his Sunday dinner. He looked over to the flock of sheep and wondered how he would get one.

Walking near some trees he noticed that under one tree was a sheepskin. He made a plan to disguise himself and pretend to be one of the sheep. As he went to join the flock of sheep he was filled with joy. Grr grumbled his tummy. He had to get there quick.

When he joined the flock he started to eat grass and started to talk like the sheep talked. “Baa baa” he said . He waited until sunset so the shepherd could put them in the pen and he could gobble them all up one by one.

The sun started to set and the shepherd chose one of the sheep to have for his dinner. He chose the fattest which he knew would be juicy and fill his stomach. He chose Mr wolf who was disguised because he was the fattest of them all. So he took him by his hook and when he laid the sheep of the table he noticed it was a wolf. He was so terrified but still happy because it tasted fabulous and Mr wolf could not eat his sheep again.

The moral of the story is - Don’t pretend to be something or someone you are not.