Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hokule'a and Malama Honua visit

Last week the cluster of Manaikalani schools went together down to Pt England Reserve. The Hokule'a and Malama Honua were coming to our shores. We waited and waited for the Hokule'a to come. Then finally it came. We started to sing our Himene. We sang until the reached the sand. It was so intense ! Everyone was so excited.
The children from the Manaikalani clusters then sat down. We waited patiently for them to talk to us about there mission. They firstly introduced themselves and said where they come from and what they do. It was very shocking to find out how far they came from. I was very amazed in how much effort they do just to spread the message. I wonder what it would be like being away from your family and on stormy days.It would be very scary for me. Mary, Ana and Isa gave the mihi and welcome and the school leaders stood up again and we sang another song to welcome and thank them. We sang He Honore. Then they sang us a song. We all then got to listen to where they got the idea from and how it all began. 

They taught us that they wanted to follow the path of there ancestors and about being kind to mother nature by keeping the grass nice and clean and putting you rubbish in the bin. We all have a special part to help keep mother nature clean and to have a healthy environment. They all came from Hawaii and different areas. They got chosen to part of the team because they had skills which would help the boat to travel. They also taught us some lessons and words in Hawaii. It was an awesome experince !!

When all the singing and talking was finished all two thousand children got to hive five the crew members. It was so fun and I enjoyed it.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Polyfest choo hoo hoo !

Yesterday was the best day coming to school. We were going to polyfest !!! Running to school with excitement I could already picture how much fun it would be. I arrived in my classroom ready to go. We waited till it was 8:30 am and we then went into the street (the open learning area) and sad down in our lines. We then sang songs and did our normal routine. We went into the bus and made our way to the Manukau Sports Bowl were the Polyfest was held.  

Intentionally we all sat down with other schools and John Key came and talked to us all. It was a  exciting moment for everyone. There were lots of cameras flashing. We then went to our first activity which was the fire station and we got lessons how to keep ourselves safe when there is a fire. I won a bottle and a T-shirt for answering the questions. I learnt that you should not put water on fire or it would make a big explosion!
We then made our ways around the polyfest and looked at the stalls. There were alot of food ! After learning heaps of lessons we got to eat our morning tea. Everyone had an awesome start to the day. Class 2 finished eating morning tea and everyone got up really quickly and got into 2 lines and headed to our next activity. It was Mai Fm radio. 

Arizona introduced her self to us and told us about the radio station and the people she worked with. We got into groups of 5 and took pictures at the photo booth and then got printed out. Class 2 all had fun and we went around and we learnt heaps of lessons. It was a great time !! 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Addition Pyramid T1W7

Today Miss Kyla taught us how to use the addition pyramid. We left comments on how we figured each one of every level. It was very fun figuring it out.The point why we did it was to find out what stage our figuring out was.

Polyfest 2015

Kia Ora, talofa lava, malo e lelei, faakalofa lahi atu, kia orana, bula vinaka, namaste and greetings!!  It’s Pasifika week in Aotearoa, this means it’s a week long celebration of all things Pacific.  This includes the birthday dance we had with Mrs Tele’a!  Part of the celebration is the Polyfest!  This Thursday we are planning to travel to Manukau to take part in some workshops and then visit stages.  The two stages we will be visiting will be the Maori and Diversity stages.  Did you know that this event - the Polyfest celebrates 40 years since it’s beginning?  Awesome isn’t it!  

College students and there families participate in this wonderful event because it is an awesome experience. It brings you out of your comfort zone but it is way worth it ! There will be heaps of food for sale and traditional clothes.

It helps people who came from different countries to experience more of our culture and our what we do instead of visiting every country just to know more about it you can come to polyfest and experience heaps of countries in just 1 country. They will have heaps of traditional clothes and methods. It will be an awesome day !!!

There will be heaps of students from around Auckland participating in this event. Children from Tamaki College and Hillary College ...

I am excited to go to learn about countries that I don't know about and experience the way the make stuff and also what they eat !!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Dictation Practice

Once again, Pig and Wolf come face to face and things aren't looking too good for the pigs. Who will protect the emperor ? Is there anyone who will answer his high pitched squeal for help ? Anyone at all ? Better bang that gone. Ping Pong !

 I am Oinky No Ho , advisor to the great emperor Ping Pong , and priest of the monastery of Wu-dah-ling. I am here to tell you of the Kung Fu pigs , and of how they fought to defend our lands against that most evil trader , the crimson trotter (he who keeps the company of wolves ) . In this tale you will learn of bandits and of fowl play. Of magic swords and evil spells. And so , honourable stranger, let us begin ...

Friday, 6 March 2015

Making burgers in zeal zone


  1. Round buns
  2. Lettuce
  3. Patties
  4. Sauce
  5. Cheese
  6. Cucumber
  7. Avocado
  8. Tomatoes 
  9. Butter / Margarine
1. Butter the buns
2. Add the Lettuce
3. Add the patties
4.Add the fillings
5. Add the sauces
ENJOY !!!!

Making Rice crispies

Last week we made Rice crispies in our zeal zone group.
The ingredients are

  1. 125 grams Butter
  2. 6 cups of mini Marshmallows
  3.  4 cups of Rice bubbles
Thee first thing we did was measuring the marshmallows and rice bubbles into a bowl. We then  melt the butter into the pan. We it was melted we added the mini marshmallows and mixed it all up until it was nice and smooth. When it was smooth we took the pan off the oven using the handle. We let it cool for 1 - 2 minutes and got our bowl of rice bubbles and mixed it and smoothed the top. I put baking paper to smooth it and then took the cooking paper off. Make sure it look nice and pink if your are using pink marshmallows or the colour your marshmallows are. Let it cool until nice and hard and then cut into slices which ever shape you want and enjoy !!!