Friday, 20 March 2015

Polyfest choo hoo hoo !

Yesterday was the best day coming to school. We were going to polyfest !!! Running to school with excitement I could already picture how much fun it would be. I arrived in my classroom ready to go. We waited till it was 8:30 am and we then went into the street (the open learning area) and sad down in our lines. We then sang songs and did our normal routine. We went into the bus and made our way to the Manukau Sports Bowl were the Polyfest was held.  

Intentionally we all sat down with other schools and John Key came and talked to us all. It was a  exciting moment for everyone. There were lots of cameras flashing. We then went to our first activity which was the fire station and we got lessons how to keep ourselves safe when there is a fire. I won a bottle and a T-shirt for answering the questions. I learnt that you should not put water on fire or it would make a big explosion!
We then made our ways around the polyfest and looked at the stalls. There were alot of food ! After learning heaps of lessons we got to eat our morning tea. Everyone had an awesome start to the day. Class 2 finished eating morning tea and everyone got up really quickly and got into 2 lines and headed to our next activity. It was Mai Fm radio. 

Arizona introduced her self to us and told us about the radio station and the people she worked with. We got into groups of 5 and took pictures at the photo booth and then got printed out. Class 2 all had fun and we went around and we learnt heaps of lessons. It was a great time !! 

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  1. How lucky are we getting to see the prime minister?! Your answers were great at the New Zealand Fire Department station, I'm not suprised you won. It really was a great day wasn't it, hopefully next years will be as good!