Thursday, 29 May 2014

Test's have began !

The tests have arrived. I am up next for my test and I would say that I am pretty excited for it. In our classes we have 2 tests. Literacy and Maths. My first test is Maths. I love Maths and It is my Favourite subject because you can come up with heaps of cool strategies
and learn things quickly. So I hope you all the best on your test !

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

On the Tragic Titanic with my 6 year old niece.

“uhhh” I say with relief getting into the spa pool. I was so exhausted from taking Sophie (My 6 year old niece) to the play centre which was 5 hallways far. Trust me the hallways are long but now Sophie is fast asleep on my bed because she is also exhausted. The hallways were very bright because of the lights and the smell of cocktail sausages filled the air. Looking around I saw heaps of people in the the room next to me which was front of the titanic (the bow). There was hundreds of people also sad to look back because it reminded them of their family left behind. It now has been 5 days aboard on the Titanic. I am on the boat because I am going to visit my family members in Ireland. Also I have my little niece with me aswell. She came because she is going to visit her parents there in Ireland.

Being in the spa pool now for 20 minutes I think it’s time to check on Sophie. Reaching for my towel I hop out of the pool and wrap it around my waist. I walk carefully past the rooms down the hallway and finally reach my room. I open the door slowly and find her fast asleep. I sigh with relief that she is fine. Getting out of the room I close the door and get changed into my night gown. I then hop into my bed and fell fast asleep next to my niece. 6 hours later I could feel cool water rushing up my spine. Is it me dreaming or is this true I say in my head while sleeping.

I thought this was a dream so I slept for another 2 minutes. 2 minutes later I hear the cry of my niece. So I woke up and find out the water is up to my hips. I quickly rush out of the room and hear the cries of the people. “Ahhh” Sophie screams ! I see a crew member and I quickly rush to him ask “What is happening” But he just keep on trying to calm the passengers.

I then see my friend Ariana and she asked me “what is happening”?? I replied back “The Titanic is sinking and we all need to get on a lifeboat” So  me and Sophie followed Ariana to the dog pound where she kept her dog Coco and quickly got him. Together we run aboard on the lifeboat and quickly sail. I look at the other life boat It was filled with the animals that were aboard. Suddenly I find that my 6 year old niece is missing. I look back and she is frozen in the water ! That was the last I ever saw of her. I had a broken heart and I decided to fall into the water and I did. Then I freeze to death just as Sophie did.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

My weekly sports player.

Now on my blog I am making posts about weekly sport's players every week. Today my sport player is Lisa carrington.

Lisa carrington is well known as the New zealand girl who won the gold medal for kayaking in the olympics. Also she is very inspirational and has lots of strength to kayak. She is very strong and sporty.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Newspaper Article.

This term the Ika group are learning about boats. All different kind of boats. The two I have chosen is the Motor boat and Canoe. I chose to do small boats because they are easy to find out about. Our task was to complete this article and to try and sell it to you. Hope you enjoy.

Pt England boats sales
Basket Boat
by: Marilyn

The cost of this  is 780 dollars. The reason why it is 780 dollars is because it’s very comfortable and the material made out of it is basaltic stone. Another extra bonus is  you get 4 extra paddles.    

Life boat.jpg

Motor boat.

canoe image.jpg

780 dollars

Motor boat
This boat is used for all sorts of traveling or for a vacation break. It also has another name. The name is the power boat. It is very relaxing and trust me you will enjoy it ! It’s also used for activities like fishing, duck hunting, swimming etc ...  Also the price is 1000 dollars ! It is really expensive.

Life boats are fast. There fastest speed is 58 knots ! It’s perfect a  beak off or to impress someone.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Nightmare !!!

(Last night)

My name is Jasmine I am 14 yrs old. This is my scary nightmare.

I was walking home so exhausted after my first netball game. I was  so sweaty and forgot to put on my deodorant. I smelt worse than a Skunk, well not too bad. I got home and it was dark as always. I looked at the clock it was 5:27 pm. Mum and dad were at work. “Uhh” I sighed I am so tired. I dropped everything and ran upstairs and fell into bed and was straight asleep. My own bed was messy I never really cleaned it so it smelt like the dumb.


It was 3:00 am in the morning now. I was awoken by a nightmare. I woke up crying with my body still half asleep. It was the worst nightmare I have  ever had ! The nightmare began all last night.

I fell on my bed so exhausted that I went straight to sleep. Then 2 minutes later I saw a lady appear in my head while I was asleep. She looked very old. I was scared and even though I was asleep my heart was pumping so fast ! Her skin was very pale and had a torn white dress. She started speaking in a very squeaky voice “I am a ghost I died 2 months ago in this house and I hate how you’you've changed it !” I was terrified. I  was too tired to talk but I staring at her ! It was quiet.

I looked around in my nightmare and it looked just like the  living room when we moved in and when I look back she disappeared but I was still stuck in this nightmare ! She came back with a paper which said Sorry to scare you in your dreams but my husband died in the living room and I wanted it to stay the same. I then asked in my head “How come you are a ghost?” Then she spoke and said “I died 1 week after my husband did because I couldn’t live without him” So that’s why I am a ghost.

Look around it looks just like the old living room. This is how I wanted it to stay. Then I asked her “How did he die?” She said with a frown “He died on the couch because he was very sick and the ambulance was too late he was dead” “So what do you want me to do?” I asked  “I want you to give me the couch” She said so furiously “How can I do that?” I replied Then she gave me a paper. It said get the couch from you garage and put it out in the front yard with this paper at 2:00 pm.

Then I came out of the dream. Waking up with the paper in my hands I was terrified ! The next day I did what she said and I never saw her again !

Friday, 16 May 2014

Titanic Research

Researching the Titanic

List some questions that you would like answered?
  1. What were the dimensions of the Titanic?
  2. What was the biggest cause of the sinking of the Titanic? Explain...
  3. How much money did it cost to go aboard on the titanic?
  4. Which company built the titanic.
  5. How long did it take to build the titanic.
  6. How fast is the titanic?

Find your answers from the below websites:

Insert your information notes below:

Question 1 information:
The titanic is 882 feet long !
It is 175 feet tall and has 9 decks !
28.19400m width.

Question 2 information:
It was too late to turn around so it hit the Iceberg.

Question 3 information:
The price to go on the titanic was more than a person
who worked could get in 18 years !

Question 4 information:
The company who built the biggest ship in
the world is white star shipping line

Question 5 information:
It took over 3 years to build it and 3,000 people to build it.

Question 6 information:
The speed of the titanic is 24 knots. That
is very fast for the biggest boat in the world !

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Whau Animation.

Here is an animation about whau. Whau is wood. This video explains and proves that whau
is the lightest wood in the world. You might want to watch it to learn more about whau.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I love Maths !

I enjoy doing maths because of the different ranges of strategy on how to solve a problem. What else is awesome is that we have to amazing websites we use. 1 is Xtra Maths and the second one is Math whizz. Xtra Maths gives you questions starting from addition. For example 0 + 1 all the way to the 9's area. The when it's all green you get to move on to subtraction etc ... Math whizz is a education about maths. You can have buddies and try to beat them on the improvement. How to get improvement is by doing lessons. It gives you lessons you need to work on and if you do it well you get a test you try to pass. It's really fun and that's why I love maths.

Thanks for reading why I love maths !

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day !

To all the mothers out there I would like to say Happy Mothers Day ! You are a very special person and you shall never forget that. We all love you and wish you the best day ever !!!

M - Marvelous
O - Outstanding
T - Terrific
H - Helpful
E - Excellent
R - Rocks !

Thursday, 8 May 2014

A day at Parakai Pools.

“Yay let’s begin an awesome day at parakai pools"  I said to Ashley with excitement. Ashley replied back and said “But you know what's not exciting is that it takes 1 hour to get to Paraki” I moaned “why it’s going to be very boring on the bus you know” So then she said “yes I know”. Just in time the bus arrived and we were ready to go ! The school holiday program team hopped onto the bus. Me and ashley sat next to each other and started talking about school

“Ashley are you excited to start school after 2 weeks”? She groaned and said “No I am going to miss the holidays” But then I said “At least you get to see your friends again”  “ I know but I’m tired of talking I went to bed late last night” So then we just sat quietly in the bus for 1 hour !Looking outside the window for 1 hour and day dreaming of what it would look like at Paraki. I imagined that Paraki would have slides and a massive pool just like YMCA. To cut the story short we’ll skip the 1 hour bus drive.

Finally arriving in the carpark of Paraki Pools we all went out and stretched. We walked with excitement  and discovered the beautiful paraki. I was so amazed. There was a big bombing pool outside, 2 awesome slides and a hot spa pool inside ! I wanted to go on the slide straight away ! So then our supervisors said go and enjoy Paraki. I ran to the slides as fast as I can. I got up to the top and took a breath. “uhh I am so tired” It felt very hot inside the slide.

I finally calmed down and went into the slide “ Yay” I shouted as I was going down the slide. It was very fast. I was having so much fun than ever !   I got to the end of the slide and made a big splash. I really wanted to go again. So I went about 24 times until it was lunch time. I was tired now so I had to have a break. Eating my lunch thinking of how hot it would be in the spa pool. I was so eager to know I just had to go in it. So after lunch I went inside and went it the spa pool. “It’s burning my legs it hurts” I said I just wanted to get out so I ran and jumped into the bombing pool. “uhh much better” My legs cooled down and I decided to spend my last 20 minutes on the slide.

Walking over to the slide my sister asked me come and join us were making a long line with Dlyz (one of our supervisors) “Hurray” I said going down the slide with the school holiday team. Enjoying the slides 15 times it was time to leave. It was so sad to leave the Pools. Our bus arrived and 1 hour back home !

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Immersion Assembly.

Today is the start of Term 2 and everyone is back at school. Every term we get a new topic to learn about and this term our topic is I like to move it move it. We also have performances from each team about what they are going to learn. The one i'm going to talk about is Team 1.

Team 1 are learning about animal equipment that compare to the equipment they have at school or at home . They had a short snipclip about their learning. The Team 1 teachers even went to the zoo to film. They showed all kinds of different animals like Giraffes, Lions, Zebras and their habitats. There was even a short film of a giraffe coming out of a box because it was transported.  Did you know tomorrow they are going to Auckland zoo  to learn more. That’s so exciting for the second day of school. !