Thursday, 27 March 2014

Swimming Explanation

Do you know how to swim ? If the answer no then get your togs and get in the water because I am here to help you !

Get a board and put both hands at the top of the board. Put your arms forward and face up and start kicking softly. Kick till you get to the other side and that’s one down 3 to go !
Since we have finished that we will take the next step. Now put your hands at the bottom of the board and your  chin on your chest and kick fast in the water. If you need to breath raise your head and breath then put your head back down on your chest. Get to the other side and then on to level 2 !

We know get to the hard stage. ARM STROKES. Do the same thing as before BUT know you put one hand off the board and hang up. Make a half circle then back to your board. Then switch arms all the way to the other end.
Last and final stage. Doing it by yourself. I’m off. My work is done here !

I hoped that you have learnt how to swim. Until then it’s GOODBYE !

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Grid References.

Grid References

  1. What is the grid reference of the ∞ ? A2
  2. What is the grid reference of the * ? D4
  3. What is the grid reference of the Δ? B3
  4. What is the grid reference of the Circle? B5
  5. What is the grid reference of the Love Heart? A4
  6. What is the grid reference of the Smiley Face? C3
  7. What is the grid reference of the Cloud? E5
  8. What is the grid reference of the Sun? E3
  9. What is the grid reference of the Lightning Bolt? C1

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Geometry - My Glen Innes Map

Directions to friends house from Pt England school.
1. Go about 15 meters straight through Pt England Rd
2. Then after 15 meters you will see a road to your right .
3. Go through that road until you see another road which will be Taniwha St.
4. Go through that road and about 12 meters later you should see the number 25 on the mail box and you are at my friends house.

Directions to Pt England Reserve:
1. Drive to your left through Pt England road until you see a carpark.
2. If your parking your car on your right you should see a park to your left
3. If you do you are at Pt England Reserve.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Year 5 & 6 camp.

Beginning camp was awesome. Our first activity was oh hold on let me introduce you to my group. Our cap group is Manaki. Manaki is the maori word for caring. All of our camp groups have the word care in their names because our focus is about caring.

The leaders are me and Stevenson. We have mostly year 5's and only about 6 or 7 year 6's. So lets carry on about camp. Our first activity was time in the hall. It was super exciting. There were rollerblades, tennis, table tennis, basketball and much more. I decided to play tennis first.  On my team was Louis,Rosalina and Roimata and on the other team was Kyan, TJ and Kris. "Let the game begin" I said with a furious look on my face. The ball flies into the sky and Louis whacked it over the net and then Kyan hit the ball back with all his strength and then they won that round. I should have videoed it and put it in slow motion. It was going to be so hilarious.

After a while I got bored and started singing with raewen and Mrs Vaafusuaga. It was so funny playing songs and making up words to go with the song. 10 minutes later when we only had five minutes till morning tea I finally decided to play basketball with the boys. Five minutes was over and Mrs Vaafusuaga shouted Manaki group back up and time for morning tea. I then was wondering what was for morning tea.

The tears of the Albatross.

Audio and voice recording >>
 Tears of the Albatross
  1. Who are the main characters of the story?
     Albatrosses, Naeroa, tamaira.  

  1. What could be Timoti’s Plan? Can you predict?
      To hide the albatrosses.

  1. What do you think Timoti will do with the Albatrosses?
     Hide them in a dark and hidden place.

  1. How did he manage to keep the Albatrosses?
    He waited until winter because he knew that it was bad weather so the tohunga will be kind and tell the albatrosses to take him home and then timoti will hide the albatrosses and not take them back.

  1. What blocked them into the cave?
    The heavy stones.

  1. How did the twins get out?
     They saw a little light shining in the dark it was a star. So they decided to follow the star and the star led them out.

  1. What did the Albatrosses give the twins? Why would this be a taonga?
They gave them some of their feathers.

This is a story about two albatrosses escaping from a dark and cold cave. It all began on a fine summer day. Their at the marae was the tohunga. A tohunga is a expert at maori society. Well lets carry on about the story. The tohunga had two very special servants and guess what ! They are not human. They are albatrosses. Albatrosses are a bird. They weight 8 kgs. That is a very big bird. So the tohunga had two albatrosses. One day a man came and visited. He lived down the mountain sides. His name is Timoti. The only reason he came is because he knew the Tohunga had two good and loyal albatrosses. When he reached the Marae and the tohunga said “Welcome Timoti please treat my house if it was yours”  he said. So he did. He stayed all summer until winter came because he knew that the tohunga would let the Albatrosses to take him home in the bad weather. And he did. BUT the tohunga said “Bring them to me before sunset and give them water to drink. But he didn’t. He hid them in a dark and far cave. He blocked the cave with hard and big stones so they couldn’t escape.

 When he went home his neighbours wonder why he was so happy. So they followed his foot steps and it led to the cave.They could hear crying. So they removed the stones and went in. The more they went in the more the cry grew louder. “This is scary” said Tamaira with fear. Then they found the Albatrosses. They walked further with the albatrosses and saw a hole it was a star shining. So out they went 1 by 1. And  escaped. The Albatrosses were very thank full and gave them some of their feathers and flew back to the tohunga.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Using Speech Marks.

This is a short explanation about how to use speech marks properly.
It was made by Mr Somerville's literacy group Ika.  Hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Favourite singer !

My favourite singer is Zendaya because she has the best voice and the most beautiful girl. She is an inspiration to me. She is well known as a good singer and a actor in movies like shake it up, Coleman and much more.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Happy Birthday to me !

Today is my birthday and I justed turned 10 ! I am very excited. I am celebrating my birthday on My dad's birthday which is Saturday the 15th of March. 5 days to wait until heaps of fun. Birthdays are heaps of fun and it gets me pumped up. YAY can't wait till my next birthday !

Friday, 7 March 2014

Butterfly Life cycle.

Stage 1 -  Egg. Stuck carefully onto the underside of a leaf.
Stage 2 -  It hatches slowly and outcomes a caterpillar the size of a sesame seed.

Para 2
Stage 3 -   It start eating and eating a lot of leaves.
Stage 4 -  Soon it starts to grow bigger and bigger and sheds it’s skin. It keep on going until it gets to the right size which is between 3 to 4 centimeters.  

Para 3
Stage 5 -   It then goes hangs upside down a twig and holds on with it’s silk and the chrysalis starts growing over it. It takes a week to fully cover the caterpillar.
Stage 6 -  Then it starts making a hole through the chrysalis and outcomes a beautiful butterfly. It still hangs on the branch until the blood goes down into the wings to give it strength. Then after a week it is ready to fly It spreads it wings and flies away ready to repeat the life cycle all over again !

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Writing Test

If you are not sure what a good friend is and you would like to find out read my story about good friends below.

 Friends can come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes different colours. They can have different personalities, different backgrounds and different cultures. Sometimes people wouldn’t want to be friends with someone just because of the way the look but I would. I love being friends with people who are way different than me because I like to learn more about them.

What I would say is a friend is someone who puts the smile on your face when you are sad, the one who is always caring and loving etc ...  Your friends can be be anyone no matter what gender they are. It is like the best feeling in the world to have friends by your side. But some friendships don’t last very long for different reasons.

Sometimes writing about friends is hard because I get the feeling that all of a sudden all these amazing ideas about my friends pop up to my mind it feels like exploding. I get that feeling because of the friends I have today. They are the most magnificent people you will ever meet. You will never  regret being there friend.  

Once when I made a bad choice a friend was there to help me make the right choices and thats what I also love about my friends. They can help you when you need help, when you are stuck are in need of something. Some people try to be someone they are not just to be this persons friend but I advise you to be who you are because being yourself is way better than being someone who you're not.

Wits Explanation

Have you ever been bullied before?

You can use your WITS. They Include Walk away, Ignore it, Talk about it and seek help.

The first things you could do to solve your problem is to walk away. This is when someone is bullying, teasing you etc..   just walk away.  The reason why you have to walk away in problems like these is because you might end up in trouble or causing more problems.

Ignoring things is better than solving it your self because when you solve things yourself curtain things might happen like getting hit or even worse things.

talk about it !It is important to talk about it because if you do not sort it out and don’t talk about it you're going to have a big lump of sadness inside your tummy. So if you're not feeling well I am very sure that S will be best for you.

When it gets too hard you can seek help by going to find a teacher to help sort out your problem. Seeking help is way better than leaving the problem non fixed or you getting a black eye everyday.

So now you've heard about the W.I.T.S. you can start using it where ever you want  or where ever you need it !  USE YOUR W.I.T.S.   

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

First Ambassador Speak !!!

Today we have spoken to visitors. All the Ambassadors were so excited !!! We spoke about to 10 or 11 people. It was very nerve racking. I like it when we are speaking to big crowds because you don't have to look at 1 person and get that weird feeling. It was fun and exciting !! Our next speak is next Tuesday. I can't wait !

Monday, 3 March 2014

My Statistical investigation

I was investigating if the temperature is higher than the wind speed on the 26th of february. After my investigation I found out that the highest temperature is around 36 or 37 and the highest wind speed is about 16 or 17. So the answer to my question is Temperature.

I conclude that every 3 hours the temperature rises higher than the wind speed but at 10 :00 PM it was the oppisite.   

The best chart I would say is the one in the middle. It is more easier to read and also more understandable.  It gives you more information.

I enjoyed finding out if the temperature is higher than the wind speed and also finding what the weather is.

Friends Poem .

Friends are Lovely.
They are kind
They help me when I am behind on work
They have never ever been a Jerk.
They make me smile when I am down.
They always turn my frown upside down.