Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I have and awesome family !

I have an awesome family because they are always there for each other and also for me. They support me in every way and help me make good decisions. They mean everything to me. I have a Mum named Manuia and a Dad named George and two lovely sister's Yanquasia and Glennes ! Thanks God for giving me a very awesome and supportive family !


Good luck Year 8's

Good luck year 8's and I hope you make the right choices and enjoy your new college. Pt England school will miss you and hope you all the best for your future. I would like to say Enjoy your new college and make good friends and God bless !

Happy Birthday Quasia

Today is my sisters Birthday and she is 11 years old. I would like to say God bless and may he provide you more and more days to your life ! Happy Birthday !

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

As you all know we have lost a very inspiring and acknowledgeable man. His name is Nelson Mandela. He was a very great role model to his country and the world. We will always remember his great teachings and him in our hearts. Rest in peace Nelson Mandela !

Friday, 3 January 2014

Good bye Papa and Nana

Tommorow my Papa and Nana are leaving to Australia. My Auntie and Cousin has already left now it’s time for my Papa and Nana to go. They are going to live there for good. We are only going to visit them not live there for good. It’s going to be so sad. They are going to move out of there house they have been in for over 22 years. There was a lot of memories in that house that l will remember and treasure. Oh my gosh it is going to be very hard to see them go. It will be me and my uncle and my other aunty’s family left in New zealand while my grandma and grandpa and 2 of my aunty and uncle’s family are going to be in Australia. I just want to say I hope you have a safe Journey to Australia and May God bless you and We love you !

The meaning of christmas

Christmas is a celebration celebrated on the 25th of December. There is not a meaning of christmas. But people beleive that the true meaning of christmas is the day that Jesus christ was born. Also I don’t think that Santa claus is real. If you don't beleive me you can stay up all night on Christmas eve and see if santa pops down the chimney or you could camp out all night and watch your chimney ! I bet you will see nothing. My sister Quasia said that Santa Claus was part real she said the only part that was real is that there was a man who was rich and gave presents to children and rode on a sleigh with horses and the horses couldn’t fly. I kind of beleive that instead of Santa Claus.

The thing I only like about Christmas is getting presents. Who doesn't love getting new things.

Farewell Mr Marks !

Dear Mr Marks I wish you all the best at Waikato and I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your new school but not as much as Pt England. We love you and hope you come back and visit us. It was a pleasure working with you for 1 year. That was an awesome experince and hope that you can teach students there the same thing that made me the person I am today. We love you and miss you and hope you have an awesome time with your family and God bless !  

Thank you for teaching me how to use my Chromebook and stuff. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard you were leaving to Waikato but it was the best for your family. Thanks for being an awesome teacher and whoever is Room 18 teacher next year I bet he or she won’t be as kind and loving as you were to me. Thanks for making me the awesome student that I am today. I love you and wish you a very happy christmas and a Happy New years ! You will always be in my heart God bless and we love you ! GO THE CHIEFS !