Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My favorite netball Player.

Here is a player who inspired me to become a netball player. Maria Tutaia

Nettball team !!!

Here is a photo of the people in my netball team !!!!!

And Miss Ouano is our Manger !!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Lucy.

Hay Lucy happy 10th birthday. Thanks fro inviting me. We are going rock climbing !!!!!!  Lucy is a very awnsome girl who is shareful and helpful.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Seven Sisters !!!!!

Matariki are 7 stars that rises in the very cold months of winter which are the beginning of May and June. Matariki is only seen early in the morning like 4.00 AM or 5.00 AM. It can also show what kind of harvest it would be like. Matariki represents the seven sisters. Ancestors use the stars to find Aotearoa.They use it like a map. About 500 star makes a cluster but only seven was seen clearly. The seven sisters names are Waita,Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi,Waipuna-a-rangi,Ururuagi and Matariki.

People thought that if the stars were blurry it would be a bad season but if it was clear it would be a warm season. It can also show what kind of harvest it would be like. They are from 500 stars that make a cluster.
That means they are star clusters.

People sometimes think that if you have hangi and it's cooked perfectly it would be a good year.  Iwi would lay down hangi to acknowledge the coming of Matariki. Farmers would look inot the sky and if the star were shining the croops would be good to eat,but if the stars were blurry there would'nt be enough croop to eat.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013




This is a photo of me and Enyahlee. I wanted to post this photo on my blog because Enyahlee is going to leave auckland and Pt England school. Her friends are really going to miss her. Have a good trip Enyah.

My 9th Birthday at the movies .

Hi this is a photo the video I watched when it was my 9th birthday. That was my best birthday ever !!!!!
This movie is called pitch perfect.

X factor !!!!

This is a photo of my favorite contestent on X factor. There  names are Cassie Henderson and Jackie thomas.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Killer whale chasing a boat.

Killer Whales are very dangerous animal . I know because a video on youtube showed how dangerous it was. You could hear the water splashing and and a lady started to scream “OMG !!! it is so close”. She was so terrified.  She was taking the video and screaming. The people on the boat were scared and afraid. It was like the day I was a baby left alone while dad was sleeping in another room. The killer whales started to get closer and closer she started to scream more and more but she was also excited.  In the ocean there was three killer whales  if there is more than one thats mean a pod. If I ever lived in Antarctica and went on a boat I would be terrified like the lady. 

 What do you think you would you ? Please leave me feedback to tell me what you would do !!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The adventure in Antarctica.

This story begins with a girl named Flora. Flora was 24 years old. She loves to travel around the world especially very cold places. The last place she travel was the South pole which is the Antarctic. She was ready with her beanie, travel boots, scarf, warm jumper, and travel pants.

Today Flora was going to travel to the south pole (Antarctica) . She was ready. She was very excited about seeing the Whales,Penguins and Seals. Off she went to the south pole. She tried to find a little house to be comfortable as well rest from the exhausting           

After four minutes dark clouds entered the sky and clouds were gathered together. She counted to 5 and a loud noise from the sky just came from nowhere. The wind started to blow strongly and she was shivering with fear . Her heart was pumping very fast as she was scared.

The only safe place she could find was a ice cave. She ran as fast as she could because the wind was starting to turn into a hurricane. She wished just only once to be a polar bear. 2 hrs later the storm started to go away. She ran quickly to the ocean and she saw killer whales hunting down the seal on the iceberg. That was the best thing she saw in her life .

Off she went home with lots of stories to tell. She might even become an author and tell her amazing  journeys.
Here is a picture of an ice cave.