Friday, 25 April 2014

Happy Anzac day !

Today is Anzac day. It's all about remembering the people who fought for our family and our country. It is a very special day and one way to remember them is by wearing a poppy flower. It is a special reminder that they fought for us and one of the places they fought for us was in a poppy field. So that's a very special reminder. There will be a huge ceremony is Auckland Domain to remember the soldiers. It's a service that speaks about the soldiers and our own life and country. At these services always at the end the last words they will say is WE WILL REMEMBER THEM. It means we will remember the people who fought for our lives and our country. SO WE WILL REMEMBER THEM :)

Happy Birthday Nana Oli !

Today is a very special person in my life's birthday. It's my nana's birthday. I wish our whole family could celebrate it but she is in Australia and I live in New Zealand. So our family decided to call her and wish her a happy  birthday to our special nana and mum. Nana I would like to say happy birthday nana. I hope you have a blessed day and may God bless you.

From the family in Glen Innes :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Life cycle of a Butterfly.

This is my animation of a life cycle of a butterfly. You might want to watch it to learn more about butterflies yourself.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Fia Fia !

Yesterday Pt England school had a awesome night because we had Fia Fia. For people who don't what Fia Fia is it is a 1-2 hour full of performances. The group I performed with was the Hawaiian hula girls. Our tutor was Mrs Eddie and Mrs Ouano. I would describe our dance as a clam and beautiful dance. We had lots of comments on our costume. We had a green hula skirt, red singlet, flower on our hair and two necklaces. We were the most beautiful people. For me it wasn't very scary performing in front of more than 1000 people. It was fun actually fun. I enjoyed dancing and performing.

Through the whole night I will say my favourite was senior hip hop because their dance was very active and had a message to it. The message was to be yourself and don't be the person someone else wants you to be. I enjoyed watching it and there was a bit of laughter to it.  Despicable minions was dancing to the song happy by pharell williams. Fia Fia was awesome !!!!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My short book review.

This is the book that I am reading which is called Mr Stink. I would describe this book as a hilarious book. I have only read 1 page and a half but I am keen to read more. I would rate this book a 10/10. I can not wait to read more of this awesome book !