Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Narrative Writing

"Tell me NOW ! " Mr Martin screams. Mr Martin is well known as the Grumpiest teacher in school. My friends say he is like someone who's heads going to explode. I'm Tiksha and I am really bad at school. I like to wear dark things. I love to join into wrong things and life is boring. Mr Martin is my Detention teacher. He is screaming at me to tell him why I'm on detention for the whole week. He says that I'm a waste of time. Also I'm 16. My life as a dark girl all started when I was 5. I was never at home because I ran away. I ran away every time mum and dad argued. I really don't remember what happened that much because it was a long time ago. When I turned 7 things became worse. My Parents both died. They were on their way to the bank to pay the bills when dad reached down for his coke drink. He got the drink and then Mum screamed they were heading for the sea. But too late the car started to sink. I only found out 6 hours later at my uncles house. The Police said that they found the car but both my parents died. They were in the water for 5 hours until someone saw my dad's body floating up.

When I heard this I thought my life was over. I didn't know what to do. I moved in with my Grandma and I was so depressed. My Parents didn't have a funeral because they weren't really known so me and my grandpa buried them in the back yard. I always felt alone and I loved it when I was in the dark. Thats when I decided to were black and become a Goth.  


Tune in next time for Tiksha the Goth !!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Commonwealth Games click on the link above to make the photo bigger.

How did the Commonwealth games begin?
It all started when Britain ruled all the countries in the commonwealth games.
They were ruled
by britain for a very long time until 1931 when they became independent. Then they decided to join a club called The commonwealth of Nations

Why are some countries in the world part of the Commonwealth?
Because they were all looked after by the Queen and britain.

What is special about the Commonwealth games?
Anybody can join.

How many years ago was the first games, how often are they?
It all began 84 years ago and they only come every 4th year.

Why are they called the ‘Friendly games?
Because sport is a good way to show friendship to each other and friendship

is important to the commonwealth games.