Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Chocolate Muffin

Today in cooking we made 12 chocolate muffins. The ingredients are down below :)

Dry Ingredients 
- 2 cups of Self Rising Flour
- 1/2 cup of cocoa (chocolate chips)

Wet Ingredients 
- 1/2 cup of oil
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 tsp of vanilla essence
- 1 egg

After mixing place into the muffin tray evenly and cook at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
Down below is the photo of Losekoula and I's muffins that we made. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

French Toast

Today Dora and I made French toast. We first cracked 4 eggs into a bowl along with a 1/2 a cup of milk. We then mixed it together with the whisk. On a separate area, we got a chopping board and grabbed 8 slices of bread and sliced them in halves. We dipped it quickly inside the mix and then flipped it to the other side also. We then took it out as fast as possible so that all the mixture would not absorb into the bread. We then repeated the same method with the other slices of bread. Dora heated up the pan to HIGH on the oven and placed the butter to melt and cover the pan. We quickly placed the slices of bread onto the pan and 3-5 minutes on each side. We then placed it onto the plate and served them. :) DORA BURNT SOME OF THEM !

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Making Tuna Salad

Today in cooking we made Tuna Salad with Juanita and Koula. It was a very easy recipe and tasted delicious!

- Boil Macaroni until soft
- Drain under cold water
- Dice Onion, Ham, and mix
- Together with macaroni and mayo

Friday, 11 May 2018

Will Smith's Wellbeing

At the beginning of the video, Uncle Phil rewards Will with clippers court-side tickets as a reward for his achievements in school. This links to both Uncle Phil and Will's mental and emotional dimension and it impacts both Uncle Phil and Will positively as rewarding tickets to Will would make him feel happy and with Will being happy that would make Uncle Phil feel happy. But as the video continues on Will soon realizes that he couldn't accept the tickets as he didn't deserve them. He soon switches moods really quickly and tells Uncle Phil that he isn't able to accept the tickets because he needed to tell him the truth. This links from Will's mental and emotional well-being to his spiritual as first he was happy and then he realizes that he couldn't lie to his family as he values his family and their well-being and it would be selfish of him. He also didn't need to tell them the truth he could've gotten away with it but due to his thoughts and feelings of guilt he couldn't have lied. He also thinks of his family and how the situation had impacted them negatively. He soon starts to mumble his words in fear and physically shaking and that links from his spiritual well-being to his physical well-being as he was opening up and telling the truth his body starts shaking and that shows the ability for him to move and also the ability for him to speak. Uncle Phil was in rage as he heard him telling the truth and called the whole family to come and listen to Will apologize to them. Will soon starts to apologize and he starts to feel ashamed and starts to cry. He explains that he only accepted the drugs to help relief his stress and that could affect his overall well-being as taking drugs affects the body negatively and it could turn into an addiction would could affect the people around him and also it affects his spiritual well-being as it affects his future which in other words is his personal identity. Will's overall well-being could have been impacted negatively as he could have died or been responsible for his cousin Carlton's death. But as soon as he confesses the truth Uncle Phil forgives him and embraces him into a hug and this shows a sense of belonging and being accepted back into the family and also a sense of achievement as it isn't easy to tell the truth.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Perspectives on Waitangi Day.

On the 6th of February, it is a day known to all New Zealanders. But what we don't know is what they think of this day and what it means to them. This day is known as Waitangi Day. Many people have different opinions and points of views. So in this blog post it identify's the 3 most common perspectives on Waitangi Day.

1. A public holiday 
 The majority of New Zealand mostly mark this day on their calendar as a day off work or school. Many just have a brief understanding of Waitangi day and it has no value to them whatsoever. They just use the opportunity to catch up on their sleep or to spend more time with their family. For these people its just another public holiday.

2. A day to protest
Many find this as an opportunity for their voice to be heard. This can be via bold signs or megaphones. Some feel as they still haven't received what they were promised by signing the treaty. Many feel as if they were taken advantage of by signing this treaty. That it is unfair that many problems still remain such as poverty due to this "land grabbing" treaty.

3. A day to remember 
As we are taught in school this is a day to commemorate the treaty that was signed to bring peace and many more blessings between the Maori & Pakeha. Many Maori people hold feasts and performances to celebrate.

My perspective -  I mostly relate to the first perspective but as I learn more about this topic I feel like I could change my perspectives of things.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Election day 2017. Who would I vote for?

Education Policy
Health Policy
Housing Policy
Party Name
Maori Party
Maori Party
Policies I support
* Ensure all young people leave school with a driver licence, bank account, IRD number and a CV
*Provide free primary and secondary education to all children
*Halve power bills for households with rheumatic fever
*Develop a national strategy for ending homelessness
*Build at least 1,000 state houses each year until demand is met
Reasons why
I choose this party because it gives me a bit more assurance about my future when I leave high school
I would vote for the party because for Maori & Pacific people there are many crowded homes which could cause rheumatic fever and it's become a bigger issue. So what this party has to offer could not only help out a family but save someone’s life.
I chose the party for housing as housing is a very big issue in my community. I agree with the changes they are willing to make as it will help and change the financial situation of many people
Who’s Party Policy is this  ?
The Maori Party

The Maori Party
Labour Party
Image result for maori party

After deciding which policy I would vote for I realized that I want more of what the Maori Party had to offer. As the policies were anonymous and were only labeled from A - E I had to choose the policy which I would vote for without knowing which Party owned that policy. This was an eye opener as I would just vote for Labour without knowing what their policies are. So this has made me wiser in voting in the Election in the future. I am voting for the Maori party based on their education & health policy. They are not only shaping the country into a better place but also changing and helping everyone. Not just a particular race. So I am with the Maori Party :)

Friday, 9 June 2017


Keyboard Warriors - People who say and act tough online but only online.

Why do you think Cyber bullying might be easier than face to face bullying? - Because online they can choose to show or hide their face and that makes it harder to find who the bully is because the don't have to show their face.

What responsibility do you have as a bystander? - We have the responsibility to other help the victim by telling and informing him to seek help or if it's the bully we encourage them to stop and seek help from the teacher.