Thursday, 26 September 2013

My writing of the myth of Pandora's box.

Pandora's box

Pandora’s Box was written by a man named Hesiod. He was a farmer until one day he met the muses which actually were the 9 daughters of Zeus. They were talking about epic poems. Until that moment Hesiod was inspired by what they were talking about and they told him to write a 800 lined poem. Hesiod is now a famous ancient greece author who wrote Pandora’s box . Pandora’s box is known as a greek myth. Myth’s are made up stories.

The story started with a man named Epimetheus he was a man who cared a lot for his people. He would provide shelter and food. There was also a very powerful God named Olympian Zeus. He never liked the people of Epimetheus. He would take away their home and they would have to camp outside. Zeus most of all hated Epimetheus he would steal fire to keep his people warm.

One day Zeus wanted to get revenge on him. He made a beautiful woman named Pandora. He sended it to Epimetheus. He loved it. Soon Zeus gave him a box and told him never to open it. But Pandora wanted to know what was inside of the box. She thought that inside must be riches and jewelry. When Epimetheus was in a deep sleep she quietly got the key of the box and opened it and out came all the bad things like envy,hate and the baddest things you could ever imagine. But then she suddenly closed the box and inside was only left a bit of hope.

The temple of Zeus was built in the land of ancient greece. It was built in the 6th century. It is 2,300 feet wide and 500 meters tall.. It was a very important building to the greek people. As soon as a another culture meet there is a little tension. They always wanted to keep their country a good place to raise their children. So they had to fight to keep their country a good place. Then the war began. In the war the people of the other side destroyed the temple of Zeus and as you might research there is some picture’s of the ruin of Zeus’s temple. The only thing that was rebuilt was the pillars. It is made out of stone and concrete. They built it to remind them of Zeus.