Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Technology at Tamaki College

For the past few weeks on Tuesday the Year 8's have been walking down to Tamaki College to go to Technology. Technology is when we are put into 4 different groups such as Art, Hard Materials, Graphics or Cooking. I was put into Hard Materials and we are currently making a souvenir. I have chosen to make a mickey mouse head because my sister's favorite cartoon and I thought that it was fun to make something nice for her. We were first given a document to fill out. We had to choose 4 people to make it for and get 4 different silhouette pictures that was easy for us to draw. We then had to make a final decision on what silhouette we were going to draw and what person. We drew it on a small square shaped piece of wood. when the got the exact same piece of wood and put it together. We that step was completed our Teacher Mr Grundy poured in the pewter. We waited and waited. I am now still going and can't wait to share my finishing piece ! Image result for mickey mouse head silhouette template  Image result for pewter casting

Monday, 4 April 2016

My Visual Mihi

This term Team 5 have been looking at their Identity and who they are in the world. We have created what we call a Visual Mihi. I have drawn the 4 main points that makes me who I am. In the top corner on the right is a music note which has a bold sign on top of it which says music. I love to listen to music especially Flo Rida's. Then next to it is a flag of Samoa and their iconic flower the hibiscus flower. I am full Samoan and very proud. Underneath that picture is a beach. Recently I have been to Samoa and love to visit the local beaches everyday. I love the feeling of clear water surrounding your body. Across on the left is a drawing of girl playing netball. I started playing netball in Year 4 and haven't stopped yet. Last but not least is a picture of me. The four drawings with it makes up the person in the middle. Hope you enjoyed learning about me !!

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Bullet.

This week we are learning the decisions people make that would
affect there lives and maybe other peoples life. So we read a book
called the bullet which can put one of the characters in the story's
life at risk. We also are learning about the consequences of our choices
and how to avoid bad choices. Take a look to find out more ...