Friday, 20 February 2015

A healthy lunch

Things you will need.

1. First you will need a tortilla
2. Second you will need some carrots and a grater.
3. Third you will need some hummus. You will need grated cheese

5. Shaved ham or sliced ham.
(optional) - Dressing

Last week our Zeal Zone team went with Mrs Tele’a to the school hall. When we got there we had to listen to Mrs Tele’a for the ingredients. When we knew the ingredients we started to make them it was easy to make it. Also the ingredients were so cheap ! First we flattened our tortilla on the plate. Then we spread hummus on top. We then added grated cheese and carrot. Then we added ham on top with a squeeze of salad dressing. After we rolled the tortilla up and made it look perfect !!

We took heaps of pictures and it came for the big finale we could eat it !!! It was DELICIOUS

She also taught us how to spend money when buying lunch. Some children spend four dollars on one sandwich when they can buy 15 tortillas and make lunch for 15 people. Money is a big thing in this world so it was good to know how use money and make a healthy cheap lunch.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Mathematical Language

My Introduction

Talofa Lava my name is Marilyn and  I am a year 7.
I am  10 years of age. This letter will provide  information about me and my background. I am a student at Pt England School in Room 2.

I love to spend time at the beach and also spend time with my mum, dad and my two sisters. My parents were both born in Samoa which makes me full Samoan. and I am the middle child of 3 siblings. My eldest sister is 12 years old and is still at PES and my youngest sister is 9 years old and is at PES as well.

I was raised in Auckland . I was born in Middlemore hospital in the town on Mangere. I intentionally lived in Otahuhu for 2 years then I moved to Glen Innes and I have lived here for nearly 9 years !!. I would recommend Glen Innes as a safe and caring community.

I have two cats named Ginger and Eric and I love to look after them because they look delightful when they eat. I have been at Point England School from the early years of 5.
When I grow up I would love to be a teacher or a nurse because helping people is what I love to do. I like to look out for people when they are hurt or if they are lost.

By Marilyn :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My goals for term 1

First day at school

Yesterday was my first day back at school and it was awesome. Our motto for the year is MATAPONO E which in English means keep it real.  This year I am a year 7 and in Intermediate. It is so exciting being in intermediate. I am in room 2 and my teacher is Miss Clark. Today I woke up very early to come to school because school for intermediate starts at 8:30 am !! I love the intermediate are because its a big learning space. It is called the street.