Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Mata I Pusi

This week in Literacy we are reading a book called Mata I Pusi.
In English Mata I Pusi means the eyes of the cat. I have answered
the following questions to help you understand more about Mata I pusi.
Take a look!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The outcome of Hard Materials

For the past 10 weeks the Year 8's and I at Pt England school have been walking down to Tamaki College on Tuesday to participate in what we call "Technology". There are 4 groups and as you know from my other blog post I am in Hard Materials. I told you that I would show you the outcome of my work. I have made a Mickey Mouse necklace out of pewter and have been working really hard and on it and I am really proud to say that this is the outcome ! ENJOY!!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Wool & Nail Art

Today in Mr Wiseman's class we were experimenting making Wool and Nail Art.

How to make it : First you would need a square thick piece of wood and 11 nails. We then hammer the nails into a star shape using a star shaped paper stencil. Here is a photo of what it should look like.

When it looks like that you continue on with wool. Tie a knot around one of the outside nails. You then use your wool to create a star shape with the nails.Let your imagination go wild. When me and my partner Lucy let out imagination go wild it ended up looking like this!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

iLuminate Dance Crew

A normal tuesday it was until Mrs Tele’a informed us that this afternoon the whole school would be making their way into the hall for something special. As room 2 quietly entered the hall the school was already seated. I looked to the corner of my eye and see a tall sign with bold letters spelling out iLuminate. I knew that this had something to do with lights as iLuminate meant to light up. The school settled down and Mrs Nua started to speak. She introduced to us one of her friends that had seen us before in an assembly and thought that we were amazing kids and wanted to bring some friends along to our school. She told us that her friends were called iLuminate and that they were a dance company based on fusion of technology and dance. iLuminate is a very large group but only three came to New Zealand.

Not long after the school hall lights went off. The school screamed with excitement. Flash went the lights. The first thing we saw a body figure of lights. It started to dance. Then along came 2 other light body figures. The screams became even louder than before. Every single move they made was exciting as the screams got louder and louder.

Music jammed loudly and the school was singing along as iLuminate was dancing. It was just like a chris brown concert. iLuminate was something that Point England had never seen or even heard off. I didn’t know what time it was until the music stopped and the lights were turned on again. Sighs filled the hall as we knew that the dancing and excitement was over.
I turned around to find the kapa haka group making their way up to the stage. They performed to thank iLuminate and also to show our appreciation as they came all they way from America!

Mr Jacobsen went up on stage and stood next to the Kapa haka group as they finished their last move. He invited iLuminate back on stage to attempt the kamate haka. The school laughed as they made their way onto the stage. Whaea Saf (our Maori tutor) taught them the moves and words to the Kamate Haka. To my surprise they were actually pretty good at it. All of a sudden the bell rang to confirm that it was 3:00 clock. All of the school from Year 1 - 6 made their way back to the classroom. The year 7 & 8 stayed behind to ask questions.

We asked questions such as what inspired you to become a dancer? and also questions like can you dab? They were very funny and also very talented. We left back to class eagerly wanting to go hive five them but we just couldn’t. It was a fun and amazing performance. In one word the performance was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Camp Reflection

The memories replayed over and over in my head. I still have the excitement in me when I think about it. Just before the first school holidays the Year 8 students at Pt England School had the opportunity to go all the way to Marsden bay camp site which is located south to Whangarei.

I was put into Ruakaka B with Taiaha, Night and Zane. My Leaders were May and Te Mauri. Our group was sent last to the hop onto the buses but we didn't mind. We were put onto a small and quite bus which would only fit our group and a few teachers. On our way we went. I was shocked by the small whispers that I could hear. I thought that it would've been very loud with the voices of exciting children exclaiming how excited they were but I was proven wrong. I looked at the clock which showed a bold blue sign that had 10:33 am on it . By that time we had already past a couple of signs showing how many kilometers to Whangarei there were. I tried to keep awake to see the unique views so I could write about them but I failed and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at 11:00 am and  found ourselves surrounded by the view of cows eating grass and that we were off the motorway. I whisper a question to May who was sitting next to me and asked her were we were. But she shrugged her shoulders with confusion. I look around as it is still quiet and see half of the bus asleep and but I wasn't shocked to find the boys giggling quietly at the sleeping people's faces. I didn't mind to giggle myself.

A few more minutes had gone and it started to get dark and cloudy. It started to rain. It didn't seem to bother anyone but me. That means when we get to camp we wouldn't be able to play outside. Soon after the rain stopped and the sun was hiding behind the clouds we were close to Whangarei. The bus made a sudden turn into Marsden bay camp site. We had finally arrive. Now at this time the sun is slowly making its way out of the clouds. Out comes the Year 8's and all that is being done at that moment was stretches. It was a long bus ride.

We were given instructions to take all the luggage on top of the deck. The owner and founder came to talk to us with his wife. His name was Michael and his wife was Venetia. They was very welcoming. He took us onto a tour around the camp and all of a sudden I felt something drop on my head. I looked up to the sky in fear and to my surprise its started to rain again. I sigh and in a sudden movement rain falls like a bucket of water was tipped on my head. Splashes were made as we all ran back to the deck to put our luggage into the kitchen hall. I ran back with laughter and grabbed anyone's bag and placed it gently in the kitchen hall hopping it would mess up someone nice and folded clothes. The day started off not well due to the weather but somehow we still tried to make it one of the best days of our lives.

The sun went to make its way around the world and out came the moon. We sat down on the chairs by the tables provided for our groups. We were all excited about our first dinner. Entertainment was also provided by the other groups and it all had to do with being a confident and being a leader.

This camp was on of the most amazing camp I have ever been on. It teaches you valuable lessons but they teach you with fun activities. We learnt that we don't have to depend on people with authority such as prefects and house captains and that even though they do have a bigger role than us we are still a leader. There are different ways to lead and we need to show how we do it to help others. I hope that I can pass this on to help others and I would also like to give a massive thank you to the teachers who came and also the parent helpers who went off work for us to make it possible. Can you just put your hand on the screen you are reading this on and pretend I am giving you a big high five! Thank You!!

Giving the Ocean a Voice

This week in Literacy we are learning about a book called Giving
the Ocean a Voice. It is based on our main focus this term for team
5 which is the four main wakas Hikianalia, Hokulea, Hine moana and
Te Aurere. Take a look to find out more!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Place Value learning

We are learning to: Use strategies to show the steps I used to solve maths problems using place value. I did today in maths to help me learn more about my digits. I found this very easy to complete due to me already knowing my digits. Take a look to find out more !

Immersion Assembly

I walked into the breeze doors with the buzzing sound of excited voices. Its the start of the second term at school. We open the term with an Immersion Assembly as normal which explains the topic we are learning about. Our main focus this term is "as i see it". This is all going to be based on how we see things.

At 9:00 am classes started making their way into the hall and sat into their usual places just like last term. Their teachers were dressed according to the occasion. Mr Jacobsen was dressed as a palette with a paint brush hat on his head. A few more minutes flew by and the whole school was seated. Mrs Nua (our associate principal) was taking over our actual principal Mr Burt until he comes back from a trip on a waka around the world which would be around term 3! So the beginning of the Immersion assembly started off with a blast.

Team 1 was up first and what they were going to look further into was their favourite things. There teachers Mrs George, Mrs Wild, Miss Peck and Mrs Belt put together a short clip showing what there favourite things were. Mrs George loves Whittakers chocolate especially hokey pokey flavour!  

Team 2 was looking into seasons. In team 2 there a 4 classes so it was perfect the looked at seasons because each class had a specific one to look at. The team 2 teachers were all dressed in there season colours. Mrs Nalder was wearing colours the associated with Autumn, and the other 3 teachers wore the colours of the other 3 seasons such as winter, summer and spring.

Team 3 was my favourite out of all. They had a hilarious clip made which was their version of a TV Program called Grand Design. It was meaning that Team 3 were looking at buildings of all sort.

Team 4 this term is looking at comics. There teachers were dressed as superheros such as Wonder Woman, Captain America and more... They are looking at different types of comics and might even have the chance to create their own.

Team 5 are looking at the 4 main waka's. Hokulea, Hikianalia, Te Aurere and Hinemoana. We are looking at there meanings and much more... This is going to be such an exciting term!!