Friday, 11 May 2018

Will Smith's Wellbeing

At the beginning of the video, Uncle Phil rewards Will with clippers court-side tickets as a reward for his achievements in school. This links to both Uncle Phil and Will's mental and emotional dimension and it impacts both Uncle Phil and Will positively as rewarding tickets to Will would make him feel happy and with Will being happy that would make Uncle Phil feel happy. But as the video continues on Will soon realizes that he couldn't accept the tickets as he didn't deserve them. He soon switches moods really quickly and tells Uncle Phil that he isn't able to accept the tickets because he needed to tell him the truth. This links from Will's mental and emotional well-being to his spiritual as first he was happy and then he realizes that he couldn't lie to his family as he values his family and their well-being and it would be selfish of him. He also didn't need to tell them the truth he could've gotten away with it but due to his thoughts and feelings of guilt he couldn't have lied. He also thinks of his family and how the situation had impacted them negatively. He soon starts to mumble his words in fear and physically shaking and that links from his spiritual well-being to his physical well-being as he was opening up and telling the truth his body starts shaking and that shows the ability for him to move and also the ability for him to speak. Uncle Phil was in rage as he heard him telling the truth and called the whole family to come and listen to Will apologize to them. Will soon starts to apologize and he starts to feel ashamed and starts to cry. He explains that he only accepted the drugs to help relief his stress and that could affect his overall well-being as taking drugs affects the body negatively and it could turn into an addiction would could affect the people around him and also it affects his spiritual well-being as it affects his future which in other words is his personal identity. Will's overall well-being could have been impacted negatively as he could have died or been responsible for his cousin Carlton's death. But as soon as he confesses the truth Uncle Phil forgives him and embraces him into a hug and this shows a sense of belonging and being accepted back into the family and also a sense of achievement as it isn't easy to tell the truth.

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