Thursday, 20 February 2014

The school picnic.

I can't wait till the school picnic begins. I am really looking forward to spending time in the water and also spending time with friend and family !  It's goingto be heaps of fun and whats cool about it is that the reserve where we are doing it is right next to our school.


Frog Adventure !

 This is my work of an article called frog adventure. We read about three kids over at the Nan's and papa's place. They lived on a Highgate farm with only about 5 kind of animals. They discover frogs and Tadpoles down in a gully and they start exploring ! Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Stem and leaf graph

Here is my steam and leaf graph we did with Mr S working out how many star jumps we could do in 30 seconds.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Tiaki Taonga

Here is a video showing what caring is to us. We can care for lots of things and people but we chose to care for our chromebooks. We hope you enjoy !!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stride jump Data collection.

This is my estimation and data recording to see how many stride jumps we could do in 15 seconds,30 seconds, 1 minute and 2 minutes. to get our average score we added our three test scores together and divided the answer by three. To work out how many I could do in 30 seconds I doubled my average score, then for 1 minute I doubled it again and for 2 minutes I doubled it once more.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Chapter 1 of Missy the Tabby kitten.

This story begins with a girl named Isabel. Isabel is a very sporty girl and outdoor girl. She lives with her Mother Jane and her father Thomas and two little sisters named Sarah and Kate. Her family is a very different from her. They mostly stay indoors and dislikes sports.

One day Isabel and her family were walking in the park and saw orange fur hiding beneath the fence. The stood there for a moment and guessed what it was. Is it a monster said “Sarah”.Guess what they saw ? It was a tabby kitten who was scared and lost. Isabel eyes was full of tears.Her parents was not expecting to have a pet. But Isabel overheard what they said and started to cry. She cried for five minutes and finally she came up with a plan. Isabel was going to run home as fast a she could to get school bag and her money she saved

Her parents was not expecting to have a pet. But Isabel overheard what they said and started to cry. She cried for five minutes and finally she came up with a plan. Isabel was going to run home as fast a she could to get school bag and her money she saved.

She was going to use her school bag for a place to hide the kitten and money to buy the kitten food and keep it quiet. Her parents were taking Sarah and Kate to the swings. In that time she ran home with the spare key house given to her in case there fast asleep and she walked from school. Soon her parents made a deal. She would do all the jobs for the whole week and she will be able to keep the kitten

They named it Missy. Missy will properly never leave them now. It was really loved and was cared. It had a cosy bed next to Isabel's . She hated her neighbour's dog. He would howl every midnight like he’s a wolf and would always jump over the fence and chew the pillows on their front porch.


Friday, 7 February 2014

Class Data

We predict that
1.Boy's would mostly like the animal Bull
2.Girls would mostly like penguin
3.Girls in class 8 would mostly like Mc Donalds
4. Boys would mostly like K.F.C

We found out that
1.The girls most favourite animal is penguin
2.K.F.C is the most least common food from the girls
3. Most boys in class 6 like bulls
4. The least common food boys don't like is Mc Donalds

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pizap Photo !

I am a year 6 now ! Welcome to my 2014 learning Journey !

My Holiday Highlight

One Saturday during the holidays I went to city impact church with my family to my aunt's wedding. She was getting married ! When we arrived we were kind of late she was already walking down the aisle. Nervously me and my sister ran to the seats and we came just in time ! Normally in wedding’s they hold hands and face each other so that’s what my Aunty did. Later on the pastor started talking about the meaning of marriage and how to have a successful marriage. Trust me that took a while ! Then came time to sign the papers. My cousin who is 14 was the pride’s mate. When she went to go sign she went in bare feet and that was very hilarious.

My cousin did her last signature and that was completed. Lalala ! “What was that I asked my cousin” He replied back and said “It is music playing”. The music sound was very beautiful and in a nice tune ! The whole church went quiet and the music stopped. Overall the Pastor prayed for them and now pronounced them husband and wife. His last words were “You may kiss the pride” Hurray the weddings over !

“Cheese” Said the pride. It was time to take pictures ! Lots of cameras were flashing from side to side as the pride went out ! People posting it on Facebook, Instagram and Quasia was posting it on her blog ! After 15 minutes of picture time when headed to the restaurant to have a feed ! We were eating at a restaurant in sky city. It was called the buffet restaurant.

There was a lot of food but you had to pay for yourself. 10.90 for a kid and 24.50 for an adult. But it was worth it ! As everyone sat down they announced that they were going to cut the cake and feed each other ! That was true they
cutted it together and fed each other ! Delicious cake !  It was an wonderful experience !

Saturday, 1 February 2014

My 100th Post !!!!

It is so exciting. I have made a hundred post's in 1 whole year ! I love to write and share things on my blog for the world to read and leave the thoughts ! I will keep posting more everyday so watch out for new posts !