Thursday, 25 September 2014

Elections Day

Not long ago was elections day. Election day is a day when people vote if they want to change the prime minister or not. Election day only comes every 3 years. This year is an  election year when people vote. My Parents voted for Labour. The most common parties are labour and national. This year the leader of National is our very own prime minister John Key and the leader of Labour is David Cunliffe. There were 7 parties that participated in they elections. When everyone voted (the whole of  New Zealand ) the winner was NATIONAL !!! That was very exciting news !! Hopefully Labour will win next time !!

Coconut trees in Tonga

This is a poster I created advertising the coconuts and to come to Tonga and drink from
the tree of life. The first ever coconut tree.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Kids with Tablets (Article)

W.A.L.T : Use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

Year One Kids using tablets for their learning.

Marilyn photo (2).JPG
Pt England School.

Lead : Instead of using heaps of paper Year one students at Pt England School are using tablets for their learning.

Para One - Why Tablets ?
Juniors at Pt England have tablets because it helps expand the learning more. Mrs Garden said  She thinks that “it makes their learning faster on their tablets and paper and pencil is only one way to write.”
Mrs George, another Teacher, says “children think it’s better than Ipads and Its the right size for them instead of buying heaps of stationery”. Also Kahurangi and Oalii, the kids I interviewed  said “I love it !”

Para Two - How many classes use the idea of tablets.
Three of the Junior classes are trialing using their own tablets as their learning tool. Their Teachers say that it is really helping with their reading, writing as well as their speaking.

Para Three - Do they pay for it ?
The reason why they have tablets is because the are trialing and who knows they may have all the junior kids using a tablet of their own ! Also what's cool about it is that they don’t pay for it because it is a trial.


Ariana, one of a students in Pt England School, thinks it is an awesome idea for year one kids to be using tablets because it’s a fun way to express their learning online.