Thursday, 19 May 2016

iLuminate Dance Crew

A normal tuesday it was until Mrs Tele’a informed us that this afternoon the whole school would be making their way into the hall for something special. As room 2 quietly entered the hall the school was already seated. I looked to the corner of my eye and see a tall sign with bold letters spelling out iLuminate. I knew that this had something to do with lights as iLuminate meant to light up. The school settled down and Mrs Nua started to speak. She introduced to us one of her friends that had seen us before in an assembly and thought that we were amazing kids and wanted to bring some friends along to our school. She told us that her friends were called iLuminate and that they were a dance company based on fusion of technology and dance. iLuminate is a very large group but only three came to New Zealand.

Not long after the school hall lights went off. The school screamed with excitement. Flash went the lights. The first thing we saw a body figure of lights. It started to dance. Then along came 2 other light body figures. The screams became even louder than before. Every single move they made was exciting as the screams got louder and louder.

Music jammed loudly and the school was singing along as iLuminate was dancing. It was just like a chris brown concert. iLuminate was something that Point England had never seen or even heard off. I didn’t know what time it was until the music stopped and the lights were turned on again. Sighs filled the hall as we knew that the dancing and excitement was over.
I turned around to find the kapa haka group making their way up to the stage. They performed to thank iLuminate and also to show our appreciation as they came all they way from America!

Mr Jacobsen went up on stage and stood next to the Kapa haka group as they finished their last move. He invited iLuminate back on stage to attempt the kamate haka. The school laughed as they made their way onto the stage. Whaea Saf (our Maori tutor) taught them the moves and words to the Kamate Haka. To my surprise they were actually pretty good at it. All of a sudden the bell rang to confirm that it was 3:00 clock. All of the school from Year 1 - 6 made their way back to the classroom. The year 7 & 8 stayed behind to ask questions.

We asked questions such as what inspired you to become a dancer? and also questions like can you dab? They were very funny and also very talented. We left back to class eagerly wanting to go hive five them but we just couldn’t. It was a fun and amazing performance. In one word the performance was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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