Friday, 25 April 2014

Happy Anzac day !

Today is Anzac day. It's all about remembering the people who fought for our family and our country. It is a very special day and one way to remember them is by wearing a poppy flower. It is a special reminder that they fought for us and one of the places they fought for us was in a poppy field. So that's a very special reminder. There will be a huge ceremony is Auckland Domain to remember the soldiers. It's a service that speaks about the soldiers and our own life and country. At these services always at the end the last words they will say is WE WILL REMEMBER THEM. It means we will remember the people who fought for our lives and our country. SO WE WILL REMEMBER THEM :)

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  1. A thoughtful reflection about the significance of Anzac Day Marilyn. I like the image you chose to use as well. Thanks for sharing this today.