Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

Image result for hiwi the kiwiHiwi the Kiwi is a special group that made a visit to our School. They came to promote their care for the ocean and why it is important to care. They taught us things such as how big is the fish we are allowed to take home with us and different kinds of Birds that are soon going to be extinct due to us being lazy enough to not put our rubbish in the bin.

As I entered the School hall with my classroom the Husband and Wife Duo sang us in.  Mr and Mrs Minstrel were there names but that refereed to themselves as Hiwi the Kiwi . They were up on stage with their props. The had things such as pictures of different kind of fish and a guitar and a sound system. The only thing I was told before going into the hall was that a special group by the name of Hiwi the Kiwi we're here to teach us something special. As I sat down I was still in confusion as what they were going to teach us but it had something to do with fishes.

They introduced themselves and their passion for keeping their oceans clean and making sure that the rear birds and fishes were not extinct. They were a husband and wife duo that live in a caravan going around the whole of New Zealand informing others about our ocean. They have been married to each other for 40 years! We sang a lot of songs about fishes and the sea. What I learnt from them was that their is a certain measurement that we have to measure the fish we catch. There a 2 reasons why their is a certain measurement. Reason 1 it is because if the fish is too small it is not fair to the fish we have to give it a chance to grow and also because the more tastier fish are the ones that are not to big and are not too small. Reason 2 in that if the fish is too big and is over the measurement it might have babies and if we kill it it won’t give the babies a chance to be born and to make more babies of their species which may lead to having no more fish.

What I also learnt was when we catch fish and it is too small or too big we are not to chuck it back into the sea roughly. We are to use a wet towel to pick it up and gently place it back in the ocean. The reason behind using a wet towel is that we don’t peel off their scales. There scales are important to them as skin is important to us. If we peel of their scales while they are alive and then chuck them back into the ocean it might cause them to die and they won’t grow well. Here is one of the songs I learnt during Hiwi the Kiwi. Also Kaimoana means Seafood in Maori!

Kaimoana fish for the sea.
Kaimoana to feed the family.
Fish for the future and their will always be

Kaimoana for you and me!

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