Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

It was Cross Country. One of the most scariest days ever. My heart was beating rapidly. I could feel a strong feeling of nervousness creeping through my blood.

I was confused to as why I was scared as I have done this many times before. I walked in line next to my friend Lucy and we made our way to the starting line. Mr Burt had the starting block in his hands. “ On your marks” he said. “Get set.... GO” he exclaimed. Before the race Lucy and I had already decided to save our energy till we get closer to the finishing line so we jogged lightly. The light jog lead us to be in the middle of the small group of Year 8 girls.

As we jogged lightly I could feel a burning sensation upon my chest. I was already told that if we could feel that it was a message from our bodies to tell us to keep going. I was pleased as I knew I was trying hard. I was going to give this cross country my all.  I kept jogging all the way to the reserve when I came to a stop. As I walked I huffed and puffed non stop. I decided to jog some more. Until I stopped again at the Gate which led us back to our school. It was now time for our second lap.

As I ran past the crowd for the second time I heard words of encouragement being chanted loudly. That gave me the strength to keep on running. This time the burning sensation was heavier than before. I had to complete this run I thought to myself. I kept jogging till I couldn’t feel my legs no more. I then walked slowly as it felt like my carve muscles were stuck together and wouldn’t let me move. I let Lucy keep on running as I wanted her to do her best. I finally reached the gate and jogged this time through the playground and passed the finishing line. A wave of joy rushed through me as I knew I completed this to my best ability.

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