Thursday, 27 March 2014

Swimming Explanation

Do you know how to swim ? If the answer no then get your togs and get in the water because I am here to help you !

Get a board and put both hands at the top of the board. Put your arms forward and face up and start kicking softly. Kick till you get to the other side and that’s one down 3 to go !
Since we have finished that we will take the next step. Now put your hands at the bottom of the board and your  chin on your chest and kick fast in the water. If you need to breath raise your head and breath then put your head back down on your chest. Get to the other side and then on to level 2 !

We know get to the hard stage. ARM STROKES. Do the same thing as before BUT know you put one hand off the board and hang up. Make a half circle then back to your board. Then switch arms all the way to the other end.
Last and final stage. Doing it by yourself. I’m off. My work is done here !

I hoped that you have learnt how to swim. Until then it’s GOODBYE !

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