Tuesday, 27 May 2014

On the Tragic Titanic with my 6 year old niece.

“uhhh” I say with relief getting into the spa pool. I was so exhausted from taking Sophie (My 6 year old niece) to the play centre which was 5 hallways far. Trust me the hallways are long but now Sophie is fast asleep on my bed because she is also exhausted. The hallways were very bright because of the lights and the smell of cocktail sausages filled the air. Looking around I saw heaps of people in the the room next to me which was front of the titanic (the bow). There was hundreds of people also sad to look back because it reminded them of their family left behind. It now has been 5 days aboard on the Titanic. I am on the boat because I am going to visit my family members in Ireland. Also I have my little niece with me aswell. She came because she is going to visit her parents there in Ireland.

Being in the spa pool now for 20 minutes I think it’s time to check on Sophie. Reaching for my towel I hop out of the pool and wrap it around my waist. I walk carefully past the rooms down the hallway and finally reach my room. I open the door slowly and find her fast asleep. I sigh with relief that she is fine. Getting out of the room I close the door and get changed into my night gown. I then hop into my bed and fell fast asleep next to my niece. 6 hours later I could feel cool water rushing up my spine. Is it me dreaming or is this true I say in my head while sleeping.

I thought this was a dream so I slept for another 2 minutes. 2 minutes later I hear the cry of my niece. So I woke up and find out the water is up to my hips. I quickly rush out of the room and hear the cries of the people. “Ahhh” Sophie screams ! I see a crew member and I quickly rush to him ask “What is happening” But he just keep on trying to calm the passengers.

I then see my friend Ariana and she asked me “what is happening”?? I replied back “The Titanic is sinking and we all need to get on a lifeboat” So  me and Sophie followed Ariana to the dog pound where she kept her dog Coco and quickly got him. Together we run aboard on the lifeboat and quickly sail. I look at the other life boat It was filled with the animals that were aboard. Suddenly I find that my 6 year old niece is missing. I look back and she is frozen in the water ! That was the last I ever saw of her. I had a broken heart and I decided to fall into the water and I did. Then I freeze to death just as Sophie did.

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