Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Nightmare !!!

(Last night)

My name is Jasmine I am 14 yrs old. This is my scary nightmare.

I was walking home so exhausted after my first netball game. I was  so sweaty and forgot to put on my deodorant. I smelt worse than a Skunk, well not too bad. I got home and it was dark as always. I looked at the clock it was 5:27 pm. Mum and dad were at work. “Uhh” I sighed I am so tired. I dropped everything and ran upstairs and fell into bed and was straight asleep. My own bed was messy I never really cleaned it so it smelt like the dumb.


It was 3:00 am in the morning now. I was awoken by a nightmare. I woke up crying with my body still half asleep. It was the worst nightmare I have  ever had ! The nightmare began all last night.

I fell on my bed so exhausted that I went straight to sleep. Then 2 minutes later I saw a lady appear in my head while I was asleep. She looked very old. I was scared and even though I was asleep my heart was pumping so fast ! Her skin was very pale and had a torn white dress. She started speaking in a very squeaky voice “I am a ghost I died 2 months ago in this house and I hate how you’you've changed it !” I was terrified. I  was too tired to talk but I staring at her ! It was quiet.

I looked around in my nightmare and it looked just like the  living room when we moved in and when I look back she disappeared but I was still stuck in this nightmare ! She came back with a paper which said Sorry to scare you in your dreams but my husband died in the living room and I wanted it to stay the same. I then asked in my head “How come you are a ghost?” Then she spoke and said “I died 1 week after my husband did because I couldn’t live without him” So that’s why I am a ghost.

Look around it looks just like the old living room. This is how I wanted it to stay. Then I asked her “How did he die?” She said with a frown “He died on the couch because he was very sick and the ambulance was too late he was dead” “So what do you want me to do?” I asked  “I want you to give me the couch” She said so furiously “How can I do that?” I replied Then she gave me a paper. It said get the couch from you garage and put it out in the front yard with this paper at 2:00 pm.

Then I came out of the dream. Waking up with the paper in my hands I was terrified ! The next day I did what she said and I never saw her again !

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