Thursday, 8 May 2014

A day at Parakai Pools.

“Yay let’s begin an awesome day at parakai pools"  I said to Ashley with excitement. Ashley replied back and said “But you know what's not exciting is that it takes 1 hour to get to Paraki” I moaned “why it’s going to be very boring on the bus you know” So then she said “yes I know”. Just in time the bus arrived and we were ready to go ! The school holiday program team hopped onto the bus. Me and ashley sat next to each other and started talking about school

“Ashley are you excited to start school after 2 weeks”? She groaned and said “No I am going to miss the holidays” But then I said “At least you get to see your friends again”  “ I know but I’m tired of talking I went to bed late last night” So then we just sat quietly in the bus for 1 hour !Looking outside the window for 1 hour and day dreaming of what it would look like at Paraki. I imagined that Paraki would have slides and a massive pool just like YMCA. To cut the story short we’ll skip the 1 hour bus drive.

Finally arriving in the carpark of Paraki Pools we all went out and stretched. We walked with excitement  and discovered the beautiful paraki. I was so amazed. There was a big bombing pool outside, 2 awesome slides and a hot spa pool inside ! I wanted to go on the slide straight away ! So then our supervisors said go and enjoy Paraki. I ran to the slides as fast as I can. I got up to the top and took a breath. “uhh I am so tired” It felt very hot inside the slide.

I finally calmed down and went into the slide “ Yay” I shouted as I was going down the slide. It was very fast. I was having so much fun than ever !   I got to the end of the slide and made a big splash. I really wanted to go again. So I went about 24 times until it was lunch time. I was tired now so I had to have a break. Eating my lunch thinking of how hot it would be in the spa pool. I was so eager to know I just had to go in it. So after lunch I went inside and went it the spa pool. “It’s burning my legs it hurts” I said I just wanted to get out so I ran and jumped into the bombing pool. “uhh much better” My legs cooled down and I decided to spend my last 20 minutes on the slide.

Walking over to the slide my sister asked me come and join us were making a long line with Dlyz (one of our supervisors) “Hurray” I said going down the slide with the school holiday team. Enjoying the slides 15 times it was time to leave. It was so sad to leave the Pools. Our bus arrived and 1 hour back home !

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