Friday, 23 May 2014

Newspaper Article.

This term the Ika group are learning about boats. All different kind of boats. The two I have chosen is the Motor boat and Canoe. I chose to do small boats because they are easy to find out about. Our task was to complete this article and to try and sell it to you. Hope you enjoy.

Pt England boats sales
Basket Boat
by: Marilyn

The cost of this  is 780 dollars. The reason why it is 780 dollars is because it’s very comfortable and the material made out of it is basaltic stone. Another extra bonus is  you get 4 extra paddles.    

Life boat.jpg

Motor boat.

canoe image.jpg

780 dollars

Motor boat
This boat is used for all sorts of traveling or for a vacation break. It also has another name. The name is the power boat. It is very relaxing and trust me you will enjoy it ! It’s also used for activities like fishing, duck hunting, swimming etc ...  Also the price is 1000 dollars ! It is really expensive.

Life boats are fast. There fastest speed is 58 knots ! It’s perfect a  beak off or to impress someone.

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