Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A freezing cold morning !

Waking up and the blankets are on the floor. I start to shiver. I get up and look outside the window and all I see is fog covering the window. I knew that I had to stay in bed. So I quickly went back into bed and grabbed my blankets. I shivered under my blanket. I was curious if anyone was awake so I got out of bed again. I look at the clock and it's only 6:54 am. No one else was awake and Dad was gone work. I go into my sister's room where she is sleeping with my cousin Helena. They both have four blankets each. I went in the lounge where my Mum and little sister is. They both have a mountain of blankets on top of them.

I go into the kitchen and make me a nice warm Milo. I love Milo on a cold morning. I get dressed and put warm clothes on.  I must say it is 10 degrees so keep warm and I will tell you more about my other mornings soon :)


  1. Excellent description of your morning Marilyn. Great piece of writing it gave me a clear picture in my head and made me remember when I wake up on a cold morning.

  2. What a fabulous description of our early morning temperatures Marilyn. I hate getting out of bed when it is cold! Great idea to warm up with a Milo.

    Mrs Burt