Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Technology In World War 1

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This Afternoon Mr Burt told us a little story about Technology in WW1 (world war 1 ). The main question was : Is technology Good or Bad ? He told us about his Grandfather. He lived in England. He told us about how war began. It began between cousins. Queen Victoria had cousins who had high positions in other country and they wanted to start a war. But they began by building weapons which is also known as Arms race. For example if one country built a tank truck the other side will try and build something stronger or bigger. They spent heaps of money and it went on and on until they realised they had built too much and had to use or it's too late. So they started a war between each other and used all their weapons and we all know it didn't turn out well. So we all know the answer to our problems is not war it's talking it out and working together to figure out our problems.
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