Thursday, 3 September 2015

Preventing the Flu this winter

I n t r o d u c t i o n : During the year up to two hundred thousand people get the flu. This is a highly contagious viral infection  easily spread by touching public things like your home door knob and also using the public toilets. The following paragraph will explain to you about how to preventing getting the flu this winter.

One way to prevent getting the flu  is by wearing the right clothes, during the right season. For example we should be wearing warm clothes during winter so we don’t get sick. Trust me you wouldn’t see anyone wearing shorts and a singlet during winter, it’s way too cold!

Doctors believe that when we don’t wear the right clothes and it's freezing we start to shiver which suppresses your immune system and makes it more likely for you to catch the flu.

Another way to keep sickness away is to get the flu shot. The flu shot is when a little bit of the flu is injected in to you which helps your  body to fight it off and get use to it so you don’t catch the disease . This is one of the best ways of not getting the flu or passing it on to other people. You will be able to get the flu shot at your local doctors which is superb !

Finally the best option out of all is to eat right ! In the winter lots of us like to roast marshmallows and have a bucket of KFC but having that is not always the right option. We should drink plenty of water eat lots of food with vitamins like making Carrot soup. According to researchers carrot has most vitamins out of all vegetables.

So I recommend this winter that you stay warm eat well and live well !

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  1. What an excellent explanation Marilyn. You have included so much detail, I am definitely going to refer to this explanation if I ever think I am coming down with the flu.

    Keep up the great efforts and writing Marilyn!