Monday, 19 October 2015

Immersion Assembly for Term 4


As I heard the bell ring, I rushed into the street with my shoes. It’s the beginning of a new term at school also the last for 2015. The two week holidays just ended. It was exciting to be back at school! I couldn’t wait to see what our teachers had planned for us this term!

After having all the notices out of the way we lined up in our G&B (Girl, boy lines) and made our way to the hall for our Immersion Assembly. For every start of a new term we have an Immersion Assembly on the first day of school to explain the new topic that we are learning about. This term we are learning all about how animals and humans survive. So the main word for this whole term is 'SURVIVOR'. We learnt a how animals and humans adapt to fit in the environment and communicate.

Each team had a performance to show what they will be learning about this term. Our very own principal had a performance to show. He created a video that told us that a very long time ago there was a Parrot called the Fia Poko Parrot. It became extinct because he thought he was the boss and annoyed everyone until everyone couldn’t take it and the called the Fia Poko Parrot exterminator to exterminate him. So he came along and caught the Fia Poko Parrot and cooked him for dinner. Later that evening they had the Fia Poko Parrot for dinner, that was the last of the Fia poko parrot and it became extinct. I found it very hilarious.

My favourite one out of all the teams was Team 4. They had created  a very funny movie. They had 5 people put in the blue screen area and filmed them. They put a video of animals as the background. The 5 people there couldn’t see what was behind them. The most funniest part of all is when you would see their facial expressions on their face when they would say watch out, don’t step over there. At the end they asked all 5 of them where they think they were. There answers were also hilarious. So in their video I could understand that this term they were going to be learning about the animals habitats and how they adapt to their surroundings to survive.

This term I am ready to learn as much as I can and adapt to my surroundings. I also can’t wait to find out new things and explore and learn about surviving and adapting. I am going to try new things and do the best I can to find as much information ! Let the term begin !!

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