Thursday, 26 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Excitement filled us as we made my way into the street. Team 5 were on their way to Sylvia Park Hoyts for the 8th Manaiakalani film festival !! Manaiakalani is a cluster of schools all using digital devices for learning, and the film festival is when all of the schools make unique movies and submit them to Mrs Burt (founder of Manaiakalani ) and then makes a decision of which movies will be selected on the Extreme screen during the evening.

We took one step on the bus and could already feel the excitement rushing through our bodies. we sat down in the second row. “All seats are filled” shouted Miss Clark. The engine of the bus rumbled and its sound reminded us of a stomach grumbling. Talking was the main thing that was being done on the bus. Jalen and Zane started singing wheels on the bus trying to get everyone started up but Miss Clark asked if they could be quiet they looked very embarrassed . We felt that it was the moment to blast out our laughter at them but as good friends we tried our best to hold on.

10 minutes passed by and we finally arrived at Sylvia Park. We were eager to go and sit on the seats hoping that we get the best seats in the house.  The time had come for us to get off the bus and start moving to the cinema. We stepped one foot into the screening room craving for popcorn but we knew we weren’t allowed. We proceed to find out sadly we didn’t have the greatest seats but were still satisfied with our seats.

Silent filled the room as the 8th Manaiakalani started. Laughter, smiles and drama were filling everyone in the cinemas. 1 hour flew by and the Manaiakalani film festival ended. Stretching our arms we walked outside. Waiting for the bus we played games and talked about our favourite movies. The buses arrived and we made our way back to school. The 8th Manaiakalani film fest done !  

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