Monday, 22 June 2015

Pourquoi story

Pourquoi Stories
WALT read and notice structure and language features of a pourquoi story.

GROUP TWO - Sarah, Marilyn, Kahui, Sohel, Josh, Paige

Why Owls Stare ?

There once were 2 friends named Owl and Pigeon. They used to sit on a tree and watch the sunrise together. They would talk about who could fly faster or who was better at something. Day after day they did the same thing, but Owl wanted to talk about something else. One day he said “There are more Owls than Pigeons” “NO there are more Pigeons than Owls” Pigeon replied. They argued for a long time until they had an agreement that all Pigeons and Owls would meet at the Big Woods and they would count who had more.  Pigeon said that he will need a week. After a week the owls got to the big forest first before the pigeons  to gather all the pigeons because he thought that he had more pigeons than owls. The Owl said “ So I will need two weeks to get all my Owls.” They decided that they will meet in  one week, one hour after sunrise in the Big Woods. If birds come any later than an hour after sunrise they will not be counted. they both agreed and flew off gathering their birds.

A week later, the Owls were in the Big woods taking up all the space in the trees just when the sun was rising.  They laughed so hard because that they knew that the pigeons were still sleeping. They settled down and waited for the pigeons. Owl was so sure that they had more than pigeons. Then they heard a swooshing sound coming from above. The Owls looked up and saw  grey clouds and they noticed that the grey cloud was the pigeons wings. Many pigeons swooped down and covered the sky.  When the pigeons landed in the tree the owls were forced to move over because the pigeons took all the space. Pigeons landed and branches broke because there were too many pigeons on them. When the pigeons landed the owls couldn’t believe their eyes nor their ears. More and more pigeons swooped into the Bog Woods and the time was still ticking down.  Some Owls even felt nervous. They were way too crowded by pigeons. A few at a time, Owls took off, dodging the pigeons still sweeping in. The Owls bolted into the sky, there staring eyes opened wider because of the wind that was rushing past. Owl didn’t bother to count he knew that PIgeons had one fair and square. Pigeons celebrated by cooing and calling in the Big Woods. Since then, owls have always traveled at night when pigeons are asleep. They stare at everything around them, watching out for pigeons.

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