Monday, 8 June 2015

Future Aspirations

Last week on Wednesday the 20th of May 3 very special people came to our school.  Their names are Marcus Winter, Louis Gorden Latty and Andrew Patterson.

Andrew Patterson : Andrew Patterson is a very nice man. He is well known as the people Collector. Most people collect toys or action figures but he collects people. He also loves to collect quotes. He taught us about struggling. Not many people talk about struggle. He told us about strruggling that if we struggle that our brain grows and also helps us.

Marcus Winter : Marcus is a gentle and kind man. He loves to share and talk about his work. He said that he first started in front of Burger King ! He does Sand Art. He is a very talented man and also taught us a little dance to Up town funk. It was very fun and put smiles on our face. He started off into the streets and now he is working in one of the biggest boats I have ever seen ! He is a very inspiring man and we learnt lots from him.

Louis Gordon - Latty : Louis is a man with creative ideas. He is so creative that he made his own app called Glory League. The programme films you playing basketball so you don't miss all your favourite moments and it becomes your to cherish. You can also send it to the other players so they can see there fantastic moments. I think it is an awesome idea ! Here is a link check it out ! Glory league !!

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