Wednesday, 3 June 2015

1 dollar Mansion Article

A historic mansion for just a dollar !

A Historic Mansion selling for a dollar ?!  Well It's true ! But don’t get all excited there is a catch... it may be haunted  In the 1860’s the house was built by a man named Samuel Ouerbacker. The historic mansion was built in a well known place with a population of 4.018 million , Louisville Kentucky.

A lot of people admired that house when it was first built for its glorious but odd shape  . But as years came by Mr Ouerbacker sadly passed away in 1922.
After the death it was then turned into a office for the local tax business until it was taken over by the city in 2005 because of the company didn't take the effort to pay their own taxes.

The Mansion was bought by an Architect Scott Kremer. His plans was to restore and rebuild the Mansion back into it’s Beauty. But sadly it didn't happen because it was too much work. So he gave the house back to the city. More people passed by and looked at it with different eyes than before when it was just built.

People in the neighbourhood would swear that is was Haunted ! Because across the Mansion was a cemetery and also run down . No one would dare to go inside.

The abandonment  of the Historic mansion  happened for years until they decided to put it up for auction. The highest amount was a dollar. That’s how it got its price. The hopes were that someone who truly cared for it and put their money and effort into putting the place back together.

Luckily It was purchased by the Design Company, Oracle Design. They were happy enough to restore it back into its beauty. But nothing has been confirmed yet of what they are going to do.

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