Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 3 !

Every year at Pt England School when a new term starts we have an Immersion Assembly. Every Team shows a clip or act out what they will be learning this term ! This terms topic is based on Trade & Enterpri$e. All based on ways to spend money or how to save money.

Team one will be learning about how to earn money so they will be doing jobs to earn money and buying things to open a store in their classroon $$ !! They also used the markets as an example because you see lots of people spending money on food. clothes, home appliances and more ...

Team two will be learning the most common Ice cream flavours for example if their were 15 kids and only 11 kids liked cookies and cream and 4 kids liked caramel the company should focus on spending more money on making the common flavour instead of wasting money on flavours that is not usually bought by people.

Team three is learning about making good courier choices. They had a few people up on stage and asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up. They are learning to look for the company who pays more and the company who dosen't.

Team four is learning about the emotions you get when you are given money. So emotions you get is that you should find the person who lost their money or keep it or spend it ??

Last but not least team 5 is learning how to be financially responsible. How to be money wise and to also save or spend on the things we need instead of want. So we are leaning about Quality vs quantity.

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