Friday, 10 March 2017

Hauora - The 4 Walls

Hauora - The 4 Walls

  • Church- Spiritual
  • Eating-Physical/Social
  • Walking to school-Physical
  • Talking-Social
  • Learning- Spiritual/Mental and Emotion
  • Social Media - Social
  • Visiting families - Social/Mental and Emotion
  • Sleeping - Mental/Physical
  • Going out with friends - Social/Mental and Emotion
Playing Sports - Physical/Social

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  1. This is a great start Marilyn! How do you define/explain what Hāuora and the four walls actually are? You have given a good list with lots of things you do in your life and which dimensions they relate to. I like how you have more than one for most of them, because most things we do in life affects more than one wall/dimension! I would like to please explain HOW these activities you do affects those dimensions, for example how does learning impact on your spiritual wellbeing? Look forward to reading your response, Miss D