Monday, 21 November 2016

Earthquake Letter

To our dearest members of Society,

Who have been badly affected by the 7.5 major earthquake, our hearts and sincere sympathies go out to you. I hope you are alright and that you are still well in this moment. It is heartbreaking that 2 people have passed away due to this dreadful situation but hopefully you are still managing to keep strong. To survive this earthquake shows that you are quite tough and will be  able to overcome this. You have the strength and heart as soldiers and can and will get through whatever life gives to you.

I really don’t know what you are going through as there has been 800 aftershocks! That 7.5 quake was even stronger than the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 which means that more of your area is damaged. I pray that you’re safe and sound somewhere with the support and care that you need. Also my prayers go out to the families of the 2 people who have passed.

The pictures of the damage that has been done to your city just makes my heart sink more in sadness. I know that even the basic things such as clothing, food and water is very low but you guys are warriors and i’m pretty sure that help is coming!

Lastly I just really want you guys to know that I truly care about you as if you guys were my family. I will keep hoping and praying the best for you all. I believe that very soon you will all be able to have the normal bright smiles on your faces again.

Your’s Sincerely
Marilyn Slade  

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