Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Camp Bentzon recount with rubric

This is a recount about when I went to Kawau Island (Camp Bentzon).

Tuesday morning the year 6 children from Pt England School hopped onto the ferry on there way to Camp Bentzon (Kawau Island).

We were split up into 8 groups, Bentzon A-B, Mansion A-B, Kawau A-B and Katz A-B.I was in Mansion. It was really fun working with my team especially in Abseiling. They were very good at supporting each other. I was so lucky to be in Mansion A.

My favourite activity was Abseiling. Just so you know it is NOT sailing in a boat. It is like rock climbing. What we had to do is climb up on the side and then come down the middle. It was very scary looking down. But I had to challenge myself to get down the bottom and thats what I did. I started off slowly coming down in the middle but when I reached half way I started to move faster and finally I reached the bottom! It was really challenging but I am happy I challenged myself. I really want to go back.

When Pt England School go camp we have a tradition that we have to perform an Item we made up. We have 2 judges Mr J and Mrs Garden. Every group did well and amazed the judges. In 4th place was Katz, In 3rd was Kawau, In 2nd was Mansion (my group) and in 1st was Bentzon !

Overall it was an awesome experience and my favourite part of the camp was spending time with my friends and getting to know them more and more. I would recommend this camp to the year 5’s because they will find it interesting.

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