Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Newspaper article.

A new style for the seniors.By Marilyn.SPt England school.
Lead - Year 6 students at Pt England School are soon going to be upgrading to jackets that are nearly $60.
The year 6 Children at Pt England School are so excited to be upgradingtheir uniform from a plain red jumper with  a school logo to a fancy black and red zip up jacket with also a school logo.

Do you think the year 7 and 8’s can afford a $55 Jacket. 98% of children bought  the option of jackets. It is only $1 cheaper than the culottes.   
It was designed when Point England School was getting intermediates.  2 to 3 children bring samples of what they wanted it to look like. They knew the colours they had to stick with was Black and red. They  looked at the samples with different groups of kids which was mostly the prefects. Then it was finally decided.

It was decided sometime ago when they were turning into an intermediate school. They asked the children if they wanted to change their uniform the first option was black culottes and the second was jackets. They all agreed and jackets and culottes was now part of their uniform. Also the reason why it was to distinguish the senior children from everybody else .

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