Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Superhero Writing.

Start writing here: “Braxton wake up” shouted his younger brother Tim. They were leaving to America for the holidays. There mum thought that its time to get out of Australia and go to America. Braxton the eldest is 18. He is the kinds that are quiet and has a hood over there head. They little brother Tim is 7. He is a joyful little boy but there is a big secret that he doesn't know about his older brother. He is a superhero. His name is Blue Howler. He saves millions of lives that are at risk. For example a villain kidnaps a kid. He is the Hero. He is not much known in the town.  Leaving in the car on the way to the airport he see’s by a blink of an eye a kid just got taken. He jumps out of the car on to the pathway. His mother screams and pulls the brakes. Her eyes are furious and looks at Braxton. Get in the car right now she screams from the top of her lungs but he keeps on running. He gets closer to the kid but he see’s that the kidnapper is a woman. Hearing his mother still screaming he knows how much trouble he has caused. The little kid’s mother calls the police and starts to cry. He reaches the kid’s arm and pulls him. He know has the kid in his arm. The lady turns around with a mask.

“Hello Blue Howler it looks like you've got me” she says with an angry tone. He stays quiet and wonders how does she know my name.  I have been waiting for you. Suddenly she disappeared ! He turns around and see’s his mum with the reddest face. His ear is pulled to the car ashamedly. He is disappointed but happy that he is a hero.


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